Today, the pollen count was 7.4. I am more than ready for Spring Pollen Season 2017 to be over. As predicted, I was sick today because of the allergens I got exposed to yesterday. It is not possible to stay indoors for the seventy-some days that this pollen season has lasted.

I wasn’t, however, as symptomatic as I could potentially have been. I was well enough to get some paid writing work done.

Then, the internet provider conked out. It didn’t come back. I gave up hope around 2:00 in the morning. I failed to get a screenshot of the pollen count before the internet outage happened.

I’m frustrated. The lengthy pollen season is making everything I do more difficult. I did not need the added barrier of having the internet go down – for hours and hours – add to my struggle. I finally had a moment when I was well enough to get a lot of work done – and that possibility was ripped away from me.

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