Today, the pollen count was a 7, which is lower than yesterday’s 7.2. I need it to be a 6 or below, for about two weeks straight, before I can recover from pollen season.

Our new cockatiel decided today was the day to move into the big cage with our flock of cockatiels. I’ve never seen a bird transition from “brand new to us” to “like he’s always been here” so fast. That went well!

My allergies have been bad, which is a cumulative effect of Spring Pollen Season 2017, and could have something to do with the new bird’s cage. As such, I’ve been on Benadryl for most of today. This resulted in a long nap.

I have an appointment with my rheumatologist tomorrow. Honestly wasn’t sure if I’d still have health insurance coverage for this appointment. The GOP haven’t taken it away from me yet – so I get to see my rheumatologist.

Will I still have coverage by my next appointment? Your guess is as good as mine.

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