I have not yet recovered from yesterday’s 10.3.  Today’s 9.5 is technically better, but I sure don’t feel any better. Anything over 7 causes me a lot of harm.

Went outside to get groceries.  Managed to play Pokémon GO for about fifteen minutes.

Am now completely exhausted.  There is a long nap in my future.  (Probably at least three hours.)

Pollen.com indicates that there are two days, in a row, where the pollen count will be below 6. That will help – but not much.  I need at least two weeks of pollen count 6 or lower before my worst symptoms will go away.

Somebody mail this “captain’s log” to the idiot disability judge who denied my case. Oh wait… don’t bother.  She’ll just ignore it like she did EVERYTHING my doctor’s sent her.

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