I’ve been waking up dehydrated for days in a row.  It could be due to the allergy medications I’m taking (more often than when it is not Spring Pollen Season).  Or, it might be due to frequent sneezing/coughing stuff out of my throat and lungs/extra histamine my body is producing from the pollen.

I didn’t get enough sleep.

My eyes are itching, again, and that’s starting to be my “new normal.”

Today, my skin is itching.  I know I haven’t touched any soap, or laundry soap, or lotion, or fabric that I’m allergic to.  If I’m very lucky, it won’t turn into hives.

We’ve been putting off going to the grocery store for at least three days because going outside is dangerous for me now.  We can’t put that off any longer, though.

When things get this bad, it means I’m going to struggle more than usual to go grocery shopping.  It might wipe out all my energy for the rest of the day.

My Epi-Pen expires in a few weeks.  It has a refill on it, and I still have “Obamacare”, so I might be able to afford a new one without having to also make a doctor’s appointment.  We’lll see how it goes.

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