Yesterday, I went outside to get groceries.  My Epi-Pen was going to expire in April, and I was able to get the much less expensive CVS version instead.

My husband and I played Pokémon GO in the short distance between the grocery store, the CVS, and a restaurant we picked up food from.

This was enough to knock me out for the day.

The pollen count is 8.8.  I pushed myself to get some work done before the sun came up and stopped when I was falling asleep again.

It’s 5:30 p.m. now, and I just woke up.  I am dehydrated.

My husband is about to use the weed whacker to destroy the jungle of allergens that has grown to monstrous size outside our home.  It must be done.

So, shortly after waking up, I’m on half a Benadryl so I won’t die from the dandelion and grass that’s about to become particulate matter in the air I breathe.

There is no other option.

It is highly unlikely I will manage to get any work done today.

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