Today’s pollen count is 8.7 – and I am miserable.

I woke up because a neighbor was yelling.  It is extremely hard to wake me up, especially when I’ve been really sick for a long time.

Typically, being woken up by the sound of a man screaming would set off my PTSD, but I’m too physically depleted for that to happen.  My body doesn’t have the energy to produce the chemical reactions PTSD requires.

I should not have gone outside today. But, when I noticed the ambulance in front of the yelling neighbor’s house, the two police cars down the way, and the fire engine parked down the road – I went outside to talk with another neighbor and ask what happened.

Long story short, the yelling neighbor was taken away in an ambulance and will receive some sort of medical attention.

Poor guy had a much worse day than I am having.  That’s hard to do.

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