The pollen count has been nice and low for the past week. The highest it got was 7.1, and the lowest was a glorious 2.3. I believe this means that I have survived this year’s Spring Pollen Season.

Typically, it takes me about two weeks straight, with each day’s pollen count being 6.0 or below, for me to recover. That hasn’t quite happened yet, so I’m not fully recovered from the pollen that has was inflicted upon me for seventy-eight days.

There is always a chance that this week was a fluke, and that next week the pollen will go right back to being high, and dangerous, and awful again. The pollen count during one week doesn’t seem to have any affect on what the pollen count will be the next week. The pollen count on one day could be drastically different from the pollen count the next day.

My way of coping with pollen season (either the Spring one or the Fall one) is to find a way to do something creative with it. Last Fall, I wrote a series of haiku about my allergies and what I was feeling day to day.  For Spring Pollen Season, I decided to write short posts in the style of a “captain’s log”.  It was an interesting experiment that I do not feel the need to repeat.

Hopefully, the Spring Pollen Season truly is over, and I will begin to feel a bit better in about a week or two.

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