A blackened white cow is standing on its back legs. It has a pink udder. The cow has a gold ring through its nose and a gold crown on its head. This cow is carrying a large pike weapon, which it holds up.

This is That Which Must Not Be Named. I got it from a Menagerist Goblin while trying to complete a Bounty in Diablo III in 2016. There’s a joke attached to this one that requires some explaining if you don’t play Diablo III.

A Witch Doctor throws something towards a Menagerist Goblin. Ahead of the Witch Doctor are several red dog-like creatures. There are also smaller creatures who shoot darts and a golem.

My Witch Doctor, and his vast amount of pets, were easily able to kill this Menagerist Goblin.

A box says "That Which Must Not Be Named" at the top. Inside is a tiny image of this pet.

The flavor text for That Which Must Not Be Named says: It is a lie.

Diablo Wiki says that the flavor text also included: From a place that doesn’t exist. This implies that there may have been an update to the flavor text sometime after I took this screenshot.

The flavor text is pointing players toward an ongoing joke in which people claim: “There is no cow level”. That said, there are some ways players can have cow level-like experiences in Diablo III.

A Nephalem Rift has a small chance to spawn a Rift Guardian named Lord of Bells. The Ghost of the Cow King also appears during the Jar of Souls event/bounty. The one I find to be the most fun is a special event where you and King Kanai go through a portal to Kanai’s Stomping Grounds to kill the Infernal Bovines.

A Witch Doctor is wearing bright yellow armor. Five dog-like creatures stand near him. That Which Must Not Be Named stands off to the side, carrying a large pike weapon. The Templar appears to be trying not to get too near the dog-like creatures.

My Witch Doctor is wearing bright yellow armor. His five dog-like creatures surround him. The Templar appears to be trying to put some space between himself and the dog-like creatures. Off to the side stands That Which Must Not Be Named, holding a large pike with a pointy end on it.

This pet is a non-combat pet (as are all of the rest of them). To me, this one looks like it is ready to choose violence over picking up gold for the player.

A Witch Doctor is wearing shiny yellow armor (and some armor that is black and white). He holds a bladed weapon that might have poison on it. Next to him is That Which Must Not Be Named.

That Which Must Not Be Named is a medium-sized creature. Witch Doctor for scale.


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