The last time I played my Barbarian, Zeta, she was in Act I of Nightmare mode. By the time I’d stopped playing, she had reached level 34. Her (rather short this time) adventure continues from there!

I decided to return to the Cemetery of the Forsaken just to see if the dungeons had any other achievements for me. I got Jar of Souls (my favorite) a while back, and I got The Matriarch’s Bones the previous time I played.

I brought the Scoundrel with me because I’d given him a really nice crossbow and I wanted someone in the party with a ranged weapon. I could have selected the Enchantress, but I’m more amused by the Scoundrel right now.

We ran into Lucious the Depraved.

Hex the Violent

I got the Jar of Souls event. This was good, because it is my favorite. Previous to a patch that dropped, the skeletons that you hadn’t killed would simultaneously drop to the floor after the timer ran out, like marionettes with cut strings. I’d heard that a recent patch changed this and that the skeletons no longer did that. Instead, they lived, and you had to go around and kill them all. That is exactly what happened this time.

I would recommend killing off the mob of skeletons before going to the center and completing the event.

After that, I decided to go ahead and complete the dungeon I was in, just for fun. I was in the middle of the pack of skeletons when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a Treasure Goblin. Not one to pass up a chance to kill one of those, I pushed my way through the mob of skeletons, and went after him.

I ran past my poor Follower, the Scoundrel, on my way towards untold treasures. Poor guy had to shoot at the skeletons that followed me and that were now coming directly for him. (It’s ok, he didn’t die).

Worried that the Treasure Goblin would evade me before I’d even had a chance to fight him, I dodged errant skeletons and hoped for the best. A smile crossed my face when I reached the Treasure Goblin, and took a swing at him. Gold and loot would soon be mine!

That’s when I noticed that this was NOT a Treasure Goblin. It was a Dataminer.

I realized this shortly after noticing that he was carrying a shovel, and not a bag stuffed with gold and treasure. Drat!

If you look closely at the text under the name Dataminer, it says “Unearths Spoils”. This is an amusing little “dig” at the people who dig up data that Blizzard hasn’t quite released yet, and post it all over the internet. They unearth “spoilers”.

I had heard of the Dataminer before, but this is the first time I had seen one. It turns out the Dataminer is one of the rare ghosts that you have to kill in order to get the Haunted Achievement.

Lucious the Depraved, who I killed shortly before entering the crypt that had the Dataminer, is another one included in the list of ghosts to kill for Haunted. My impulsive trip to the Cemetery of the Forsaken was a lucky one! At the time, I had absolutely no idea that those elite monsters were important.

Continuing on, I went into the Cathedral, and ran into Legion the Slayer.

Wrath the Revenant – (makes me stand in the fire)

Skeletal Archer

Nizoon Crippler of Princes

I stopped at the Checkpoint right before you open up the big door that leads to the battle with the Skeleton King. Zeta is still in Act I of Nightmare Mode, and is now level 35.

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