The Dwarves are Hansbrix the Hunter (and his pet bear, Fridge) and Bradanna the Priest. My husband and I have been playing these two characters together and working our way through Azeroth, zone by zone.

In addition, The Dwarves dabble in the World Events that happen at certain times of the year. They had a little bit of time to do some trick-or-treating in Azeroth.

Overall, we had the most fun with the random costumes that appeared when we used the Candy Buckets.

Bradanna turned into a Ghoul.

Hansbrix is wearing a female Blood Elf mask.  His mustache and beard show through the mask – and Hansbrix becomes the Blood Elf Bearded Lady.

Hansbrix got turned into a Nerubian.  Bradanna is still a Ghoul.  The Nerubian is one of the most amusing random costumes because of the strange movements it makes.  Every so often, it freaks out and waves its arms around.

If you give a Dwarf that has been changed into a Nerubian a bow…

…it can shoots rats!

Here’s a closer look at the Nerubian shooting rats while waiting for the Tram.

Both Hansbrix and Bradanna are transformed into Nerubians.  Double the fun!

Hansbrix got transformed into a Skeleton.  Bradanna is still a Nerubian.

It turns out that the Skeleton costume does NOT disappear when you get on a mount.

Skeleton Hansbrix rides away on a Mekgineer’s Chopper.

Almost fell off the dock

A Nerubian and a Skeleton wait for the next boat to arrive.

Skeleton dancing on a mop bucket – playing air guitar

Skeleton at the table

Bradanna is dropping stink bombs in Undercity – still in the Nerubian costume.

So much fun!

Hansbrix is wearing a male Goblin mask.  Bradanna is wearing a male Troll mask.

October 2016 was a really busy month for us, so we didn’t have much time to trick-or-treat in Azeroth.  We made the most of the little time we had, and the random costumes made it a really goofy and fun experience for us.

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