The background is grey. White lettering spells out: Totally Real Human Adult. There is a group of creatures hiding in a trench coat, trying to pass as a human.

Artwork by Crash

Totally Real Human Adults is a game created by C.R. Legge. It appears to me meant as a one-off, and was created during the One-Page RPG Jam 2020. I was very excited to run this game and see what my players would do with it!

Here is a brief description of the game: You play as one in a stack of creatures on a trench coat. You must perform a variety of normal human tasks without being discovered. These can be going to the mall, participating in a dinner party, working in an office job, or a series of small vignettes throughout a day in the life of a human adult. Anything that a totally normal human adult would be seen doing during totally normal circumstances.

My players chose to be:

  • Raven – played by Archbeth
  • Chipmunk – played by Crash
  • Octopus – played by Ellie

I decided to have them do some totally normal human adult things in a shopping mall that had somehow never updated since the 1980’s. The mall was functional, and clean, with a working food court and plenty of stores to visit.

Big thanks to Crash for editing this episode for me!

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