Just for fun, I decided to go trick-or-treating in Azeroth. It is part of the Hallow’s End World Event. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to go do the in-game Halloween related stuff. This year, my goal was to get enough Tricky Treats to obtain the Hallowed Helm.

This blog focuses on the Candy Buckets that were located in the zones within the Eastern Kingdoms. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on October 27, 2014 and October 28, 2014.

This was not my first time trick-or-treating Eastern Kingdoms.  It also wasn’t my first time doing it with my Gnome Death Knight, Riglee.  She earned the “Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdom” Achievement on October 19, 2010.

Riglee got turned into a frog when she trick-or-treated at the Candy Bucket in Stormwind.  Oddly enough, it turned out that this was just enough experience points for her to hit Level 69.  One of the great things about the World Events is that you can get a lot of experience points by doing them.

The Candy Bucket in Ironforge turned my Gnome into a mini-Diablo.  This was the first time I’ve seen this “trick”.  It is adorable!

Blingtron 4000 was in Stormwind. I can’t remember what he gave me. This “costume” is what happens when you tell Blingtron 4000 “Let’s Party!” It isn’t part of the Hallow’s End event, but is still a fun “costume” to run around in. I like the hat!

The Candy Bucket in Goldshire did not turn me into anything.  I got to keep the “Let’s Party!” costume for a little bit longer.

The Candy Bucket at Sentinel Hill turned me into a Pirate.

This Candy Bucket also gave me Toothpicks.  Use one to get the “That Sparkling Smile” Achievement.  This was the first time Riglee earned this one.

That Sparkling Smile:  Show off your sparkling smile by using a Tooth Pick

The Candy Bucket in the Scarlet Raven Tavern in Darkshire provided only treats – no tricks.

The “Inn” at Fort Livingston, in Northern Stranglethorn, isn’t much of an “Inn”.  It’s just a tent!


The Salty Sailor Tavern is located in Booty Bay in The Cape of Stranglethorn. Goblins, goblins, everywhere!  This Candy Bucket gave me a Slime Costume.  Somehow, the Pirate one was able to override it.  I still looked like a Pirate.  This year, I learned that you can be “wearing” several costumes at the same time.  Each one has a timer.  You can dismiss the ones you don’t want.

Here’s the Candy Bucket in Light’s Hope Chapel, which is located in Eastern Plaguelands.

The Candy Bucket in Western Plaguelands is located in Chillwind Camp.  This one didn’t do any “tricks” either, just treats.

At this point, I did not yet have enough Tricky Treats to purchase the Hallowed Helm.  Instead, I popped one of the temporary “pumpkin heads” on.  I’ve always liked those.

Beware!  Riglee the evil pumpkin-head Death Knight Gnome is out trick-or-treating!

The Candy Bucket in Aerie Peak is located in Wildhammer Keep.  It is in The Hinterlands.  It turned me into a frog (for a little while).

Off to the next Candy Bucket!

The Candy Bucket in Stormfeather Outpost (also in Aerie Peak) provided treats.

Refuge Pointe doesn’t have an Inn.  There is only a tent.  Unlike Fort Livingston, nobody here is called the “Innkeeper”.  The Stable Master is in charge of the Candy Bucket.  This one gave me a “trick” and turned me into a strange looking snake (for a little while).

The Candy Bucket at Sundown Marsh, in The Wetlands, also had a “trick”.  I got turned into a black cat for a little while.  Meow!

The “tricks” stay for just enough time for you to take advantage of a nearby Halloween photo opportunity.

This Jack-O-Lantern looks worried that there could be a cat fight breaking out at any moment! Only one of those two black cats is me.  The other is a stray.

The Candy Bucket in Menethil Harbor gave me a costume that I’ve never seen before.  I think this one might be new for 2014 (but I could be wrong about that).

Behold, the Abomination!

Stitches Want Candy!

The Candy Bucket at Greenwarden’s Grove (located in The Wetlands) provided a different costume.  Riglee came in an Abomination, and left as a Skeleton.

The Candy Bucket in the Stoutlager Inn in Kharanos gave me another costume that I hadn’t seen before.  Suddenly, my skeleton is a Geist!

I think my favorite costume is the Skeleton.  But, the Geist was really fun, too.  It’s creepier than the Skeleton, and it lopes along and jumps instead of running.

I decided to keep this costume for a while and travel to the next Candy Bucket in this form.

The Geist loped his way along to the Candy Bucket at Farstrider Lodge in Loch Modan.

Hurry to the next Candy Bucket!

The Candy Bucket at Iron Summit (in Searing Gorge) is located way up high.

Here’s the one in the Inn at Fuselight, in the Badlands.

The Candy Bucket at Dragon’s Mouth (in the Badlands) is just a tent.  This one has a mailbox, though!

Halloween photo opportunity outside Lakeshire!  Here’s my Gnome wearing a male Undead mask.  Why? Because she has one.

The Candy Bucket at Lakeshire gave me a costume.  I got turned into a giant bat!

Halloween photo opportunity on the way out of Lakeshire!

The Candy Buckets in the Swamp of Sorrows are located at The Harborage and Bogpaddle.

Say “Cheese!” Mr. Pumpkin-head Robot!

Here is the Candy Bucket at Netherguard Keep in the Blasted Lands.

I might have missed a screenshot or two of the Candy Buckets in Eastern Kingdoms.  When I was done, I did not have enough Tricky Treats to purchase the Hallowed Helm. (It cost 150 Tricky Treats). So, I trick-or-treated in Kalimdor and in Outlands for a while.

By the time Hallow’s End was over, I was the proud owner of a Hallowed Helm.  It looks great on a Gnome! Somewhere along the way, Riglee the Death Knight Gnome hit Level 70.

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