I wrote this poem on April 9, 2017, on a Tumblr blog that no longer exists.  It was in response to a pattern I noticed on Twitter during the 2016 election. Some people were using Twitter the way it should be – while others were filling their Twitter accounts with hate.

I read “Two Paths” in episode 19 of Words of Jen.

Take the path of sharing

Share your artwork, your poetry, your photos, and your random wandering wonderings on your social media

Share screenshots of your achievements earned in pixelated worlds

Share words of kindness and compassion for friends and followers who are having a rough day

What you put into the world, and how it makes people feel, will be remembered

People will share their creativity, their kind words, their happiness, with you.

Or, take the path of garbage

Make your banner and icon a photo of Trump, put #MAGA in your bio

Fill your social media with the same, tired, memes; the same boring words-posting-on-photos; the same immature jokes as all the other people who are absolutely terrified to think for themselves

Offer no words of your own at all, except when you want to attack people

Use made-up words as insults – like kindergartners do

Pick fights with the social media accounts of politicians and organizations you dislike.  Squelch the knowledge that they aren’t ever going to read your words

Show the world how much you hate yourself

What you put into the world, and how it makes people feel, will be remembered

People will block you because they are so tired of your garbage

And each time that happens – you become even more alone and unwanted

You have complete control over what path you choose

Two Paths is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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