Vaca and Neverlast had picked up plenty of quests, and even started working on a few of them. The time had come to finish up as many as possible and turn them in.

This involved a whole lot of running around, which can tire out any Tauren. We weren’t expecting the scenery to temporarily become just as discombobulated as we were feeling.

My Tauren Warrior, Vaca, recently hit Level 10. She was ready to take her Beatstick and use it on whatever monsters the quest givers pointed her and her Druid friend Neverlast at.

Vaca and Neverlast have gotten into a habit of picking up a whole lot of quests, and then slowly working through them. That’s not a bad thing. It happens a lot in games like Classic WoW.

The first thing to do was talk to Pakwa the Bag Vendor in Thunder Bluff. Vaca had two empty slots that bags are supposed to go in. She could only afford two Small Brown Pouches.

Bag space is super important in WoW Classic. Part of the reason is that there are so many quests that require players to keep items in their bags until they have the opportunity to turn in the quest. The other reason is because it is much harder to obtain bags in WoW Classic than it is in WoW Retail.

The next thing to do was try and finish The Venture Co. quest that we got from Morin Cloudstalker. We needed to kill 14 Venture Co. Workers and 6 Venture Co. Supervisors.

Picking off the Workers was pretty easy. Most of them were teeny tiny Goblins. Others were Ogres, but much smaller than the ones in Retail WoW. The Supervisors were trickier. They mostly stayed inside the little huts, doing nothing, until they got targeted by a player.

The “big bad” of the group was an Ogre named Enforcer Emilgund. He was Level 11 and an Elite (with a fancy portrait frame). Vaca was still Level 10, and this fight was a bit difficult for her. Fortunately, Neverlast’s healing skill kept Vaca alive.

I cannot remember if we got any good loot from killing Enforcer Emilgund. He wasn’t part of The Venture Co. quest, but he seemed important. At some point, we would turn in a quest that he was connected to and maybe get a nice reward from whomever the quest giver happened to be.

We were somewhere around The Golden Plains, on the edge of the prairie, when the drugs began to take hold. There were times when the scenery simply refused to adhere to the laws of physics. Azeroth had turned into a surrealist painting.

Eventually, it would catch up and fill itself in. I’ve no idea why this was happening, but figure it had something to do with playing WoW Classic on a Mac.

A while ago, we picked up a quest called Dwarven Digging from Baine Bloodhoof. He wanted Vaca and Neverlast to collect 5 Prospector’s Picks from the Dwarven dig site. To do this, we had to kill many Dwarves.

It moved pretty fast, and I failed to take screenshots of it. We did finish the quest, though. All we needed to do now was return to Baine Bloodhoof in Bloodhoof Village.

Baine Bloodhoof: Hello, Vaca. Do you have the Broken Tools? The dwarves’ digging will enrage the kodos of Mulgore. This defilement must be stopped!

Turning in the quest gave Vaca just enough experience points to hit Level 11. She was pretty close to leveling before turning in the quest.

While they were still in Bloodhoof Village, Vaca and Neverlast spoke with Skorn Whitecloud. He’s the one that told them about Ghost Howl.

They figured Skorn Whitecloud would want to know that Vaca and Neverlast had encountered, and killed, Ghost Howl. Perhaps it will make Skorn feel better that his nemesis is no longer out there, roaming around.

Time to do some cooking! Warriors need food, especially after a difficult battle.

But, the main reason I decided Vaca should pick up Cooking was because I find games with virtual food to be amusing. This is likely because I have a ton of food allergies. I’m very limited in terms of what I can safely eat in real life, but video game food is always safe!

Next, we worked on a quest called Preparation for Ceremony. It requires players to obtain 6 Azure Feathers and 6 Bronze Feathers. These items can only come from certain kinds of Harpies.

We quickly learned that Harpies are tough! They like to hang out around the big trees, spaced just enough apart from each other so that players end up fighting more than one at a time.

Sister Hatelash is a Level 11 elite that decided to try and kill us. We did not need to kill her for the quest we were working on. But, she gave us no choice in the matter.

Together, Vaca and Neverlast were successful. There were now more players in this area, working on the same quest that we were. We were all going to have to take turns and wait for the harpies to respawn.

We handed the feathers we collected to Eyahn Eagletalon, in Thunder Bluff. He now had enough of them to make a headdress that his brother could use in a ceremony. Thunder Bluff seemed like a good place to stop for the night and rest, after all that running around.

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