Last time I played, Zeta the Barbarian was level 39, and had (finally) finished Act I of Nightmare Mode. The next time I played, I figured I didn’t really have enough time to do all of Act II in one session. My hope was to jump in and give it my best shot, and get as far as I could.

What I didn’t take into account was that my friends were in game, and more than willing to help me out. The night was fairly chaotic, and fast, and exciting! I didn’t have the time to take as many screenshots as I usually do when I play, but I did manage to grab some highlights.

Thank you to Nevik, Naer, and Tensor for making this night of gaming super fun!

Ding! Level 40!


Lair of the Witch – Time to kill Maghda!

Run, Maghda, run! (or.. float like a butterfly…. whatever)

Got her! The Coven Overthrown (Nightmare)

Lovely style and high contrast work in this drawing of Maghda.

Goz’Turr the Torturer

Treasure Bandit? Get ’em!

Grash the Immortal

Ding! Level 42! When did I hit Level 41? I have no idea. Things were moving along pretty quickly, and I didn’t know that I’d even hit level 41 until I saw that I’d hit level 42.

Shiverstark the Hellion

Soulstone Chamber – This is where Nevik, Breja, Lanntonio, and I record the Shattered Soulstone podcast from.

We killed Zoltun Kulle (incredibly quickly) and I got two Achievements:

Murderer, Torturer, Monster (Nightmare): Kill Zoltun Kulle on Nightmare difficulty.

Kulle Duel: Kill Zoltun Kulle without killing either of his Eternal Guardians.

The next thing we had to do was kill Belial. As you may already know (if you’ve been reading this blog, or listening to the Shattered Soulstone podcast) I HATE Belial! I’ve said, repeatedly, that I would gladly welcome any and all help with taking him out. My wonderful friends stepped in to help, (and Achievements popped up like popcorn).

Why’d It Have to Be Snakes?: Kill 10 Veiled Sentinels in the first 30 seconds of starting the fight with Belial on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

It took less than a minute for us to kill Belial. We started, and ended, at 12:32 A.M.


And, we got him!

In this screenshot, you can see that I earned the Achievement Fist Missed: Kill Belial without getting hit by his fist attack.

Boom! Irony: the screen goes blindingly bright the same instant that I get the Achievement called Good Eye: Kill Belial without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks.

We did it! We took down Belial, in the blink of an eye, and got the Achievements to prove it! This was a lot of fun, and way less frustrating than my first experience with Belial.

I also earned The Lord of Lies (Cooperative Nightmare): Kill Bellial on Nightmare difficulty in a cooperative game.

And Lord of Lies (Nightmare): Kill Bellial on Nightmare difficulty.

When I started playing this session, I figured I’d get maybe halfway through Act II of Nightmare by myself, or maybe just far enough to kill Maghda. Thanks to some good friends, Zeta zoomed through Act II of Nightmare, and was actually able to begin Act III. (More on that in the next blog.)

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