After zooming through Act II of Nightmare (with help from my friends) I was ready to start Act III. My friends went to sleep, which is totally understandable, given that it was “crazy early” in the morning by then. I, however, was too excited to sleep, so I kept playing.

After fighting Belial, my bags were full of loot. Unfortunately, so was my stash. The solution, I decided, was to try and consolidate the many different types of gems into “bigger” gems (so to speak). In the process, I got an Achievement. Now, I was ready to venture into Act III (and get more loot).

A Fistful of Gems: Combine each of the following gem types: Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby.

Meanwhile, in the Keep, Leah is desperately trying to keep the Black Soulstone from splitting apart.

Ding! Level 43!

Spartoi Lord of Damnation

Here’s what is going on outside the Keep.


Demonic Hell Bearer

These are fun to fight!

Gapewound Brimstone

Why do I feel like I keep running into that guy, over and over again, in more than one Act? How many faces does he have?

Colossal Golgor

There isn’t anything special about this guy. I just thought the screenshot came out nice.

The disembodied head of Azmodon comes to taunt Zeta and Kormac.

Vision of Azmodan: So, you’re the wretch that’s given me such trouble. ¬†Thrash as you might, you will not keep me from the soulstone!

I hit the checkpoint, and it was now almost 2:00 in the morning. Time to get some sleep. I didn’t get too far into Act III, but was happy to have reached it. It’s nice to finish a session and feel a sense of accomplishment.

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