When I finished the Children’s Week quests with the Human orphan child, my next step was to go to Shattrath and start those Children’s Week quests.  This portion of the Children’s Week quests was completely new to me.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 3, 2012.

The starting point of this portion of the Children’s week quests is the Orphan Matron Mercy.

Orphan Matron Mercy: The conflicts in Outland are deadlier than any I have seen.  And their most tragic victims are the children that are left behind.

Now, with the threat against Shattrath from the arakkoa of Skettis, there will be even more orphans to take care of.  These children often live without the hope of a bright future.  

But you have the power to do something about that.  It’s Children’s Week, shaman, and I implore you to volunteer to bring joy and wonder into a child’s life.

This time, I get a Draenei orphan pet… I mean, “friend”. This one is trained to appear when I blow a whistle, too.

Orphan Matron Mercy: One special little girl is going to be very happy to have you as a friend, even if it is for a short while.

Take this whistle.  With it, you will be able to call for the child that you have agreed to sponsor.  It will only last for a limited time – not much longer than Children’s Week itself, in fact.  

Please, Zoeie, call upon your orphan.  I know that she will be more than excited to meet you and have the opportunity to venture out of the city!

Super cute! Her name is Dornaa, and I want to keep her.

If Zoeiei had a child, she would look just like Dornaa.

Here are a few screenshots from Zoeiei’s adventures with Dornaa.

Dornaa got to visit her big brother.

Dornaa: Is the Twisting Nether shaped like a pretzel?  And just what is a Nether?  The orphan matron said I shouldn’t ask people about their nethers.

Dornaa: By the Light!

Wait, I thought that phrase was used as a curse?  Who taught her that?

There is definitely something… different… about Dornaa.

Dornaa: Oh,  it’s just wonderful!  I mean, it looks pretty old… and yeah, someone sure did blow it up.  But just look at it.

Ooh, and did you look up at the sky?

This short dragon flight was amazing! The scenery was stunning.

Visiting the “wind chime” named O’ros

A visit with O’ros results in a Blessing of O’ros. “You feel good”.

Oh, look! It turns out that Dornaa is a little Shaman! As an elemental Shaman, I approve!

Sadly, I did not get to keep adorable Dornaa.

Orphan Matron Mercy: It is good for the soul to know that there are heroines such as yourself that are willing to give of their time so selflessly.

I can tell already that your time together with Dornaa has made a huge impression.  It’s good for the children to have a chance to get out and see the world.

Here, she told me that she wanted you to take care of one of her favorite pets, just like you took care of her.  Something to remember her by.

Don’t be a stranger.

I got to keep one of Dornaa’s pets. It’s a cute baby Elekk named Peanut.

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