My Pocket Camp character holds up two smalltooth sand tigers.

There are three parts to an event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The first one involves planting flowers and capturing rare creatures. The second one is a Fishing Tourney. The third is a scavenger hunt.

Fishing Tourney Pirate Life started on July 11, 2020, and ended on July 19, 2020. It began shortly after Gulliver’s Port Resort ended. The screenshots in this blog post were taken in July of 2020.

A poster-type notification that announces the Fishing Tourney - Pirates Life event in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

The game gives the player an announcement when a new Fishing Tourney begins. The theme connects to the previous event. Sometimes, the theme matches well. In this case, my campsite had been turned into a Port Resort. This Fishing Tourney gives players the opportunity to obtain pirate-related loot. It works!

My Pocket Camp character is talking with a Beaver named Chip. He is in charge of this Fishing Tourney.

Chip: Oh boy, it’s finally here… “Fishing Tourney (Pirates)”!

All of the Fishing Tourneys work the same way. The player needs to go fishing in the place the Fishing Tourney is held. (There is another location player can fish from – but fish caught there won’t count.) There is a timer on how long a player can fish – meaning that the Tourney fish will disappear after a short span of time. The player then hands over the Tourney Fish they caught to Chip who will measure them. Prizes can be earned.

My Pocket Camp character is holding up two Bering wolffish.

I caught two Bering wolffish!

A wooden trophy with a fish on the top of it.

I earned a wood fish trophy.

Chip is about to give my Pocket Camp character a prize.

Chip: Now, let’s see here. What have I got for ya…

Chip's head is at the top of the screenshot next to words that say "Goal Reached!" Below him is a small image of a mariner's anchor.

Players needed to collect a number of mariner’s anchors in order to complete a series of quests. There are prizes that can be obtained by those who gather enough mariner’s anchors before the event ends.

Here is what the fish in the Fishing Tourney (Pirates Life) event looked like:

My Pocket Camp character holds up a smalltooth sand tiger.

smalltooth sand tiger

My Pocket Camp character is holding up a great barracuda.

great barracuda

My Pocket Camp character is holding up two great barracudas - one in each hand.

two great barracuda

A close look at the number of type of Tourney Fish I caught after using a Fishing Tourney net.

I used a Fishing Tourney net. Players get one for free at the start of a Fishing Tourney. I caught a Bering wolffish, some great baracuda and some smalltooth sand tigers. I’m not sure if the number I caught includes only what was in the net, or if it includes the fish I pulled out of water before deploying the net.

My Pocket Camp character holds up one Bering wolffish.

Bering wolffish

My Pocket Camp character holds up two smalltooth sand tigers.

two smalltooth sand tigers

Here are the prizes that players can earn while doing this Fishing Tourney:

A red and white striped pirate tee shirt with a black vest over it. The ends of the black vest are tattered.

pirate tee and vest

A wooden box that appears to have been made with many small planks of wood on each side.

wooden box

A black eye patch that covers one eye.

eye patch

A black bandanna is tied around the back of this wooden display head.

black bandana

I now had the right items to complete one of the classes that connected to this Fishing Tourney.

Chip is at the top of the box. The bottom of the box shows the items that are required in order to pass this class.

The first Pirate Life class required the wooden box, pirate tee and vest, and black bandanna.

My Pocket Camp character stands in front of Chip and Lottie. She is the one in charge of these classes.

The required items go into the spots that have a transparent rectangle on them.

My Pocket Camp character holds a clipboard and making a face. The other two animal friends are smiling. Confetti rains down upon them.


A small bronze medal with a house shape inside it is in the center. At the top, it says "Rank up! Congratulations!" The text at the bottom says I've hit Rank 9.

I have been assigned the rank of Amateur Rank 9!

Here are more of the prizes that come from the Pirate’s Life Fishing Tourney:

A nicely crafted wooden barrel with metal rings around it to keep things in place. It is intended to be sat on like a chair.

barrel chair

A table that is made out of a barrel. It has metal rings around the barrel to hold it together. On top is a round table top with a metal ring around it.

barrel table

A map of islands is curling up on one side. A magnifying glass has been laid on top of it.

pirates’ treasure map

A pile of Bells - the in-game currency of Animal Crossing games.

pile of Bells

For those who have never played an Animal Crossing game – Bells are the in-game currency. There are many ways to earn Bells in the game. This particular pile of Bells is only cosmetic, and cannot be used to buy something with.

Pirates Life class 2. Four spaces have shaded rectangles under the objects that sit on them. Those objects are ones the player must correctly place.

I now had all the items that are necessary to complete the second Pirate Life class.

My Pocket Camp character is wearing a pirates tee and vest, and a black bandanna on their head. She stands next to Chip and Lottie.


A pile of treasure! It includes three chests - one of which is open. There are plenty of Bells around it, some necklaces made of pearls, and some gems.

pirates’ bounty

A black banner has a skull and crossbones on it. Each side is held up by tall sticks of wood. Underneath the banner is a box with a red cloth, a lit lantern and a few bells on it. A barrel holds some treasure maps and jewelry. There is a small lantern on the ground next to the barrel.

pirate skull banner

Three large barrels are in a row. Three more barrels are stacked on top. Two barrels are at the very top. The entire structure is secured by rope.

stack of barrels

A box holds the face of Chip, next to a tiny image of what the class looks like. A box at the bottom holds three items that are needed.

I now had everything necessary to complete the Pirate Life 3 class.

My Pocket Camp character is deep in thought, trying to decide where the pirate items go.

My Pocket Camp character is thinking about where to place the items.

A cluttered room filled with many of the objects that I earned while playing through the Pirates' Life Fishing Tourney.

This is what the Pirates Life 3 class looks like after everything has been properly placed.

My Pocket Camp character is making a face. They stand next to Chip and Lottie. In the background is a whole lot of pirate stuff.


There are three boxes. Each has Chip's head in them. Next to him (in each box) are three gold medals.

I earned three medals in each of the Pirate Life classes.

The Fishing Tourney (Pirate Life) shared some quest goals that carried over from the Port Resort event. As such, I was able to obtain some rewards that were part of each event just by completing quests.

This screenshot has has a small picture of a white resort bench. Below it is Isabelle, letting the player know new goals have been unlocked!

white resort bench

Two structures are merged together in the background. Both are white with blue accents. A rounded doorway allows access through them. In front are several beach-like chairs, some plants, and a white bench. A few animal friends are making use of them.

Here is the white bench in the middle of my Port Resort.

Fishing Trophies

I already posted the wooden fishing trophy in this blog post. Somehow, I failed to get a screenshot of the next one, the bronze fishing trophy.

A bright and shiny silver fishing trophy. It has a fish on the top of it.

silver fish trophy

An announcement that the Fishing Tourney has ended. I earned a gold fish trophy.

After the Fishing Tourney Pirate Life ended, I got this announcement of my results. I earned a gold fish trophy.

My Pocket Camp character, wearing some pirate clothing, takes a rest on a beach-like chair in the Port Resort section of my campground.

It was time to take a rest!

Isabelle says I completed all the goals. I earned a special fortune cookie called Rod's adventure cookie.

Rod’s adventure cookie

One of the rewards for completing all of the quest goals was a Rod’s adventure cookie. Players earn it. Usually, the special cookies cost Leaf Tickets (a type of currency that players can earn – or purchase with real money).

Close up of my Pocket Camp character still wearing some pirate clothing. They are "eating" Rod's adventure cookie through their mask.

To open a fortune cookie, a player’s character must eat it. There is always a short fortune inside, just like in real world fortune cookies. There will be a prize inside (that usually looks way too big to fit into a cookie).

A large, black, pirate captain hat. It has gold accents and a red feather.

I got a pirate captain hat!

My Pocket Camp character is wearing pirate clothing and a large pirate captain's hat. They are standing in the Port Resort part of their campground.

A pirate’s life for me!

My Pocket Camp character wearing pirate clothing stands in front of several of the items that were obtained during the Fishing Tourney. Many animal friends are using them.

The Port Resort part of my campground has been taken over by the Pirate Life items.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Fishing Tourney Pirate Life is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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