My pocket camp character holding up a pink dallycrab.

Gulliver’s Port Resort started on June 30, 2020, and ended on July 4, 2020. The event started like all the other events do. Players had to collect special seeds, plant them in their garden, and hope that rare creatures appeared.

Four screenshots of a talking seagull named Gulliver. He is talking to my Pocket Camp character.

Gulliver: Ahoy there! The name’s Gulliver.

Gulliver: Maybe you knew that. Maybe we’ve met. You land-legs all look alike to me. I get hit on the head a lot!

Gulliver: Anyway, maybe you know I do exports. And I’m known to rustle up some goodies from time to time.

Gulliver: Well, it so happens I got my talons on something unbelievable in my last haul – paper-petal seeds!

So far, every time an animal friend invites themselves to my campsite, it is because they want something from me. Gulliver usually can be found at Sunburst Island (the one with the bugs). He has his own boat, which he sends to other islands to retrieve things.

The player must fill up the boat with items before Gulliver can send it off. Some time later, the boat returns with souvenirs. Each one will cost some Leaf Tickets.

Four screenshots of a seagull named Gulliver. He wants to remake a port resort in my campsite.

Gulliver: These things take me back. I’ve laid eyes on many a scintillating flower in my travels…

Gulliver: Yep. Journeying harbor to harbor, seeing the flowers lined up out of port like an array of cannons…

Gulliver: Fish-flakes! All that nautical nostalgia’s sailed me right into a brilliant idea!

Gulliver: Let’s recreate the maritime magic of a port resort right here and now!

Four screenshots of Gulliver the seagull. He informs the player what kind of flowers they need to catch rare creatures.

Gulliver: You ever heard of dailycrabs? Rare hermit crabs with shells as precious as undersea treasure.

Gulliver: They gather around paper-petals, so we wanna track some down… and reel ’em in! Er, with a bug net!

Gulliver: Their shells’ll be real nice for our post-resort experience. Sardines! I’ve got some decor ideas already!

Gulliver: So, do you know all about how to go about catching these dallycrabs?

My pocket camp character holding up an Orange dailycrab.

Orange dallycrab

My pocket camp character holding up a pink dailycrab.

Pink dallycrab

My pocket camp character next to Gulliver. Confetti falls from the sky. It says "Task complete!"

Task complete!

My pocket camp character is in their garden. Gulliver says: "Well done, generous sailor!"

Gulliver: Well done, generous sailor.

The screenshots above pretty much show everything you need to know about how this part of the event works. Gather flower seeds by going around and giving things to animal friends (including those in your campsite). Plant the seeds in your garden. Water them when needed (unless a friend got to it already). Collect the rare creatures. Harvest flowers. Repeat.

Here are the rewards I earned for collecting orange and pink dallycrabs:

pink paper-petal seeds+

pink paper-petal seeds+

seaside-vacation shades

seaside-vacation shades

mariner's anchor

mariner’s anchor

The mariner’s anchor items are required in order for players to collect enough to complete the special quests.

starfish hairpin

Collecting mariner’s anchors gives the players special rewards. For example, a starfish hairpin.

seaside-vacation dress

seaside-vacation dress

My character is wearing the starfish hairpin and the seaside-vacation dress.

Task complete! My character is wearing the starfish hairpin and the seaside-vacation dress.

seaside-vacation shirt

seaside-vacation shirt

port-resort table

port-resort table

seaside-vacation juice A

seaside-vacation juice A

Once you collect up (or craft) certain items that are related to a limited-time event, you can use them to take a class. The concept is a little wonky, but it does give you some good rewards if you successfully complete it.

The first class related to Gulliver’s Port Resort event is the one shown above. I had collected the seaside-vacation shirt, and the seaside-vacation juice A. To get the little pot of pink paper-petals, you have to get in your garden and exchange some of those flowers for ones inside a flower pot.

An above view of a Pocket Camp class that uses items from Gulliver's Port Resort

Here is what the first class looks like with the required items placed.

My pocket camp character is making a face after successfully completing the class.

This the face my Pocket Camp character makes after successfully completing a class.

Amateur Rank 8!

I have reached Amateur Rank 8.

Eventually, the game introduces new paper-petal flowers. The new ones are yellow instead of pink. They attract different colored dallycrabs.

My Pocket Camp character holds up a gold dallycrab

Gold dallycrab

My pocket camp character holding up a silver dallycrab.

Silver dallycrab

Here are some of the rewards for collecting gold and silver dallycrabs:

seaside-vacation juice B

seaside-vacation juice B

post-resort lounge chair

post-resort lounge chair

white resort bench

Post-resort fence A is a blue and white, decorative fence. It has two flowerpots holding pink flowers.

post-resort fence A

Here is what the Port Resort Class 2 looks like after the player successfully completes it.

My pocket camp character is making a strange face.

Once again, my Pocket Camp character makes that face after successfully completing a class.

Post-resort fence B is a decorative fence. It has two flower pots that each hold yellow flowers.

post-resort fence B

A structure with a rounded open doorway to pass through. There is a balcony on top which can be reached by climbing a set of stairs that are on the back.

post-resort balcony

A decorative archway that has a small areas for characters to stand in.

post-resort arch

Third Post Resort class completed. It has multiple copies of some items earned while playing through this event.

Here is what the third – and final – Post Resort class. The game gives players duplicate items as prizes. The player might need to make use of them in the classes.

Another view of the third Post Resort class.

Here is another view of the third Post Resort class when it is successfully completed.

Gulliver is laughing. Three other Pocket Camp friends are using different items in the Post Resort.

After the player finishes all the tasks, there is a short scene that appears.

Post resort items in my campsite at night.

Here is a view of the Post Resort items in my campsite at night.

Here is a view of the Post Resort items in my campsite during the day.

Gulliver says goodbye.

Gulliver: Ahoy there, friend. I figure it’s time I weighed anchor and got back to my usual work.

Gulliver: Well, shuck my clams! You’ve still got dallycrabs and paper-petals to give away? I’ll take them, of course.

Gulliver: You’ll find a reward waiting in your mailbox. Check for it later!

Gulliver: See you around!

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