My Pocket Camp character is wearing a pirate captain's hat, a pirates tee and vest, and other items. At their feet is a cool scoops gyordite. It is patterned like an ice cream cone, and has two scoops of ice cream on top of it.

There is a pattern to the events on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It starts with planting flowers for prizes. Next is a Fishing Tourney (for more prizes). The last one is a scavenger hunt where the player collects gyordites and uses them to craft prizes.

Usually, there is a theme that runs through all three events. This time, that didn’t happen.

This series of events started with Gulliver’s Port Resort, where players collected items to make that resort in their campground. The Fishing Tourney Pirate Life followed. Players caught special, sparkling, fish and traded them for pirate-themed prizes. The Cool Scoop Scavenger Hunt focuses on ice cream. One of these things is not like the other!

The screenshots in this blog post are from July of 2020.

My Pocket Camp character dressed as a pirate. They are standing in front of a palm tree that has a cool scoop gyrodite in it.

Players had to go from one location to another and gather up all the cool scoop gyordites that they could find. The gyrodites are only available during the event. A certain number of them is one of the things required for players to craft the prizes associated with this part of the event.

Prizes earned during the Cool Scoops Scavenger Hunt:

An ice cream cone has two scoops - one with white and blue stripes, and the other with pink and yellow stripes. The cone part is inside a silver cone holder.

creamy-cone holder

A round table has light blue, yellow, and white lines going across it.

ice-cream-shop table

A cart that has a refrigerated case with ice cream inside it. A blue canopy with white dots is over it. One side of the cart has wheels, the other small legs.

blue ice-cream cart

An ice cream cart with a refrigerated part that holds ice cream. Above it is a pink canopy with white spots. The back of the cart has wheels. The front has legs.

sherbet-cone holder

A cart with a refrigerated area that holds ice cream. Over it is a pink canopy with white spots. The back of the cart has wheels, and the front has feet.

pink ice-cream cart

There were more prizes available, but I didn’t manage to collect enough cool scoop gyordites before the event ended. I missed out on the Ice Cream Shop cart that looked different from the other two carts. One item could only be purchased with Leaf Tickets (the in-game currency). It wanted 150 of them, and I didn’t have it.

Most, if not all, of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp events include classes that the player can take. The classes disappear after the event ends. To pass the class, the player needs to obtain specific items.

A box titled "Cool Scoop Parlor". A box inside that one shows the items that this class requires.

Cool Scoop Parlor is the first of three event-related classes.

An overhead view of an ice cream parlor. Three items are highlighted. Those are the required items to pass this class.

Cool Scoop Parlor 1 required the ice-cream-shop table and the creamy-cone holder. It also required players to craft a Candy Gingham Shirt, which was not part of the event.

My Pocket Camp character is making a face. Next to them is Bluebear and Lottie. Behind them is the class with all the right items in it.


A box says Cool Scoop Parlor 2. A box at the bottom shows the required items for this class.

Cool Scoop Parlor 2 also required the ice-cream-shop table. Additional items include the blue ice-cream cart, and the sherbet-cone holder.

A cream soda in a glass. The liquid in the glass is green and bubbly. On top is a scoop of ice cream with a cherry on top. There is a blue bendy straw.

It also required a cream soda – which players had to craft.

My Pocket Camp character is thinking about where to put the items this class requires.

My Pocket Camp character is thinking about where to put the required items for this class.

An overhead view of the Cool Scoop Parlor 2 class. The items the player must add are highlighted.

The highlighted objects are the ones that were required for this class.

My Pocket Camp character makes a  face. They stand next to Bluebear and Lottie. Behind them is the completed Cool Scoop Parlor 2 class.


Cool Scoop Parlor 3 required Creamy-cone holder. It also wanted the Ice-Cream-Shop cart (which I did not have). It sometimes is possible to pass the class without having everything needed.

It also required the menu chalkboard, which players had to craft.

My Pocket Camp character is thinking hard. They stand next to Bluebear and Lottie. In the background is the set up for this class, minus the items the player must set.

My Pocket Camp character is trying to figure out how to pass this class.

An overhead look at the Cool Scoop Parlor 3 class. There is a wooden table with an umbrella over it that is not supposed to be there.

The highlighted areas are the ones where the required items are supposed to go. I didn’t have the Ice-Cream-Shop cart. When that happens, the game suggests an item that the player should put instead. So, I ended up with a table that had a large umbrella over it.

My Pocket Camp character made a good enough attempt at this class. Bluebear and Lottie stand near her - not quite as happy as before.

Not quite a success, but good enough!

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