My Pocket Camp character holds up two red falgonfish. They are iridescent, and look more pink than red to me.

Fishing Tourney (Potions) – also referred to in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki as Fishing Tourney 31 [Potions], started on October 12, 2020. It ended on October 19, 2020. Pocket Camp has three events that sometimes connect with similar themes. Jack’s Fishing Tourney focuses on potions.

Jack’s Fishing Tourney (Potions) follows Jack’s Creepy Conjuring. Typically, a beaver named Chip is in charge of the Fishing Tourney. This time, Jack is running it.

 My Pocket Camp character is wearing a black beanie with small cat ears. They are also wearing a dark blue dress with gold accents. Jack has a Pumpkin for a head and wants to talk to her.

Jack: Trick or Treat?

Jack: Hee hee hee! I’m Jack! Some call me the Pumpking… But you can call me the czar of Halloween!

Jack: In honor of the season, Chip has once again granted me control of the Fishing Tourney.

Jack: Quite a loyal subject he is. And as a loyal subject yourself, you ought to set about catching me some fish!

Jack tells my Pocket Camp character that this Fishing Tourney is called Fishing Tourney (Potions).

Jack: By that I mean to say, it’s time for… Fishing Tourney (Potions)! Let’s begin, shall we?

My Pocket Camp character is holding up two shiny light pink fish called flagonfish. She also holds a fishing pole.

Two red flagonfish

Jack has a pumpkin for a head and wears a velvet looking purple gown. He doesn't have hands, but there is a fishing pole floating in the air near him. He wants the Tourney fish my character caught.

Jack: That was fast! Now then, go ahead and hand over all the tourney fish you have!

A fishing trophy that is made out of wood.

wood fish trophy

Jack: Now, allow me to give you your prize! Ta-daaa!

A batty swirl lollipop is a reward. It has orange and purple stripes and a bat decoration. These are used to advance the player through the event.

batty swirl lollipop

My Pocket Camp character holds up one red flagonfish. To me, they look more pink than red.

one red flagonfish

My Pocket Camp character holds up a blue flagonfish. The colors on it shimmer, as do all the fish in this Fishing Tourney.

one blue flagonfish

My Pocket Camp character holds up one yellow flagonfish.

one yellow flagonfish

My Pocket Camp character is holding up two yellow falgonfish

two yellow flagonfish

Fishing Tourney (Potions) rewards:

Potion Set A includes a tall, thin, bottle that has a bell-shaped lower half that sits on a pedestal. The stopper is white, and the glass is red, turning blue, to dark blue. A gold wire swirls around it. A round, green bottle, with gold designs in the shapes Xs, has a silver stopper.

potion set A

This potion display stand has two, round, tiers. The display is black, and the tiers have black loops decorating their bottom edge. The top tier is empty. The bottom tier has a collection of potions on it - in different shapes, colors and sizes.

potion display stand

Potion set B includes two bottles of potion. The taller one has a glass stopper on top. The colors on the bottle start in red, then light pink, then a purple-pink swirl on the bottom of the bottle. It has a gold wire running across it. The second potion bottle is rounded, and has gold Xs across it. The bottle is bright pink, and it has a silver stopper at the top.

potion set B

A black potion display case has an empty top shelf, a shelf full of tall, colorful, portions, and two glass doors below it that hold colorful, round, potions.

potion display case

Potion decanter A is a very tall, glass, bottle. It has a glass stopper and a gold wire around the top. The rest of the bottle is shaped into rounded portions, with gold wire designs across it. The top is bright blue, the lower part is light blue that turns to purple, then pink, and the bottom part is red with gold circles around the base.

potion decanter A

Potion decanter B is shaped just like Potion decanter A. The difference is that Potion decanter B has a bright pink top part which fades to a light orange color toward  the bottom of the bottle. The bottom of the bottle has some gold wire around it, and the inside of that part is green.

potion decanter B

A large, black, shelving unit with gold designs on the sides, holds a lot of potions of different colors in bottles of different shapes and sizes. There are potions on the top, the middle, and in the bottom two glass drawers. There are hard cover books on some of the shelves, and also an hourglass, a rolled scroll, a feather quill in a bottle of ink, and a decorative box on the shelves.

shelf of potions

The trick-or-treat dress reminds me of the plastic Halloween costumes that stores used to sell. This dress has short, black, sleeves, with purple lines around the edges. A pink ribbon is attached to the collar. The top of the dress is purple with images of jack-o-lanterns and lollipops. The skirt has a black ribbon around the top of it and alternates in black and orange horizontal lines. The bottom of the dress is black.

The trick-or-treat dress was not part of the Fishing Tourney (Potions). You could buy it from the Able Sisters. It reminds me of the plastic Halloween costumes that were sold in stores when I was a kid.

My Pocket Camp character is wearing the trick-or-treat dress. They are also wears a black beanie with cat ears, black tights, and black shoes. They are also wearing a white mask. The player next to her is also wearing the trick or treat dress, the black cat ears beanie, and black shoes (but slightly different leggings. The other player also wears a white mask.

Another player also decided to buy the trick-or-tweet dress! I guess it was popular.

Fishing Tourney (Potions) Trophies

The bronze fish trophy is much shinier than the wooden fish trophy. It is shaped like a standard trophy, with two jug handles on each side. There is a round, stylized fish on the top.

bronze fish trophy

This fish trophy resembles the bronze fish trophy - but is made of shiny silver.

silver fish trophy

The gold fish trophy is the brightest of the fishing trophies. It resembles the other trophies, but this one is made of gold.

gold fish trophy

Classes connected to Fishing Tourney (Potions):

Jack's face looks at the player. A small box shows an unfinished room that the player must fill with the correct objects.

Potion Commotion is the first of three classes. It requires players to have potion set B, potion display stand, and potion set A.

A very decorative room includes a few of the Fishing Tourney Potion items. The player must fill in the rest.

There are some of the items from Fishing Tourney (Potions) in the room. The player has to put the required ones into the right spaces. The floor has a black rug with decorative designs on it. The walls are red with rose designs. There are columns around the room that have gold wire designs above them.

The room has three boxes that highlight where the player needs to put specific items. One is on top of the potions shelf, one is on top of the potion display stand. The other is a second potion display stand.

Potion Commotion after I put in the required items.

My Pocket Camp character successfully completed the Potion Commotion class.


Potion Commotion 2 shows Jack's face in a circle, next to a square that shows some of the items this class requires.

The next class was called Potion Commotion 2.

Several boxes show the items that the player needs to use in Potion Commotion 2.

The required items this time are: potion display stand, potion decanter A, potion display case, and potion set A. All of these items came from Fishing Tourney (Potion) rewards.

An extremely dark, black, room holds a multitude of colorful potion bottles. It makes the bottles look like they are glowing.

Potion Commotion 2 is a dark, black, room. The colorful potion bottles really stand out!

An overhead view of the Potion Commotion 2 very dark room. It gives you a good look at the potion decanters.

Here is what Potion Commotion 2 looks like after the player completes it. The glowing squares show where the player had to put specific items.

My Pocket Camp character has successfully completed Potion Commotion 2 class.


Jack's head is inside a circle. A small box shows part of what Potion Commotion 3 looks like.

Potion Commotion 3 is the last class in the series.

The items required for Potion Commotion 3 include: shelf of potions, potion display stand, potion set B, potion set A and potion display case.

Potion Commotion 3 has a black carpet on the floor, and several stained glass windows on the back wall. Several of the items from Fishing Tourney (Potions) are in the room.

Potion Commotion 3 has a black carpet, and several stained glass windows on the back wall. Many of the items that came from Fishing Tourney 3 are in the room.

Potion Commotion 3 now has all of the required items inside it. The ones I added are sitting on glowing squares.

Here is what Potion Commotion 3 looked like after I put in all the required items.

I completed Potion Commotion 3 successfully!


This brings us to the end of the Fishing Tourney (Potions) event. The third event involves collection Halloween-themed Gyoridites as part of a scavenger hunt.


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