The Fishing Tourney (Wedding) was connected to the Lottie’s Wedding Expo event. The Fishing Tourney started on June 13, 2020, and went through June 17, 2020. The most interesting thing about it was that the prizes included music and other gear that would be useful for a band that had been hired to play at a wedding party.

The moment the player arrives at the location where the Fishing Tourney is held, balloons fill the air. Chip, who is in charge of the Fishing Tourney, walks over to the player and teaches them what they need to do.

Chip: Oh boy, it’s finally here… Fishing Tourney (Wedding)!

Chip: I’m Chip, and I’ll be your host and your number-one fish fan. Nyuk, nyuk!

Chip: So, for this Fishing Tourney, I’ll be givin’ out rewards for the total size of all the fish you catch.

Chip: And if you wanna take on some of my Chip Challenges, here’s what I’ve got for ya!

Here are the Tourney Fish that players could catch:

one white angelfish

two white angelfish

two white tuxedo guppy

Of course, it was possible for players to catch one white tuxedo guppy. In fact, it was more likely that players would catch one Tourney Fish than two at the same time. I cannot find a screenshot of my character holding one white tuxedo guppy.

one white butterfly koi

two white butterfly koi

Players are given a free Fishing Tourney Net at the start of every Fishing Tourney. It is a good way to catch a lot of fish all at once. Players can purchase additional Fishing Tourney nets if they want to. I’ve never bought one.

The rewards that players earned by participating in the Fishing Tourney (Wedding) were ones that looked like they were meant for the band that played at the wedding reception.

wedding band guitar

wedding-singer vest

wedding band amp

wedding band bass

wedding flower stand

wedding band drums

wedding band keyboard

wedding band stage

There are four Fishing Tourney trophies that players can earn.

When a Fishing Tourney ends, the player gets to keep the highest trophy that they have earned.

There was a smaller event happening where players had to collect a certain number of grand oysters. It had nothing to do with the Fishing Tourney (Wedding). My best guess is that this was a side quest that loosely connected to the wedding theme because oysters are sometimes served at wedding receptions.

There were three Fishing Tourney (Wedding) classes that players could take. The best way to succeed in any Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp classes is to wait until you have all the necessary items before starting one.

Joyful Ceremony was the first of three Fishing Tourney (Wedding) classes.

I earned the items that were required in order to pass the first Fishing Tourney (Wedding) class.

The Joyful Ceremony 2 class required three more items that can only be obtained from the Fishing Tourney (Wedding). I like that the Fishing Tourneys give players the opportunity to earn prizes just by playing the game.

The items that the player needed to place into the scene are highlighted.

These are just a few of the items that the player needed to have in order to pass the Joyful Ceremony 3 class.

The highlighted items are the ones that the player needed to have earned from the Fishing Tourney (Wedding). This class required six items.

I successfully completed the Joyful Ceremony 3 class!

An incredibly awkward moment happened when my character handed Chip some Tourney Fish they caught. Chip usually asks the player for their Tourney Fish and measures them. He hands out prizes if a player’s catch resulted in a size goal.

Chip: Hold up! Hold up! I just can’t take it anymore. Pardon me a minute…

My character handed Chip a bag of the Tourney fish they caught. Instead of measuring the fish, Chip took the bag, turned around, and ate all the fish. This was unexpected, and I was concerned it meant I would not receive a prize this time.

In the real world, beavers eat trees, not fish. Whomever designed this particularly awkward moment in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp didn’t do enough research.

Chip: Woah there! Sorry ’bout that. I just couldn’t help myself. I love eating fish!

The look on Chip’s face is really creepy. My best guess is that whoever designed this part of the game honestly believed that beavers eat fish. The look on Chip’s face might have been meant to express that he had a satisfying meal. It missed the mark, and made me feel really uncomfortable.

Chip: Ya know, there are lots of ways to prepare fish. You can fry ’em, bake ’em, broil ’em…

Chip: Of course, I just eat ’em raw! …burp…

Chip: Yep. Now that you caught all those tasty tourney fish, I’m stuffed.

Chip: Funny thing is… I still want to eat more! So, if you catch any tourney fish, bring ’em all to me!

Around the time that the Fishing Tourney (Wedding) was coming to an end, I remember that Chip mentioned something about taking a vacation. He said that others would come to run upcoming Fishing Tourneys. This makes me wonder if people complained about Chip.

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