Lottie’s Wedding Expo started around the end of May of 2020. I’m fairly certain that there was a similar event happening in Animal Crossing New Horizons because a few of my friends who were playing that game decided to “nope” out of this event.

Lottie is the character in charge of the Happy Homeroom classes.

To be honest, I almost decided not to give this event a try. Wedding stuff just isn’t my thing. Then I learned that the tables (and other items) players can earn in this event were light green. They might make good St. Patrick’s Day decorations!

Lottie: Oh, look! You’re just in time!

Lottie: The real-estate business has been slow lately, so I’ve taken on a side job as a wedding planner.

Lottie: I want to host a wedding expo, but I was having trouble finding a suitable venue…

Lottie: That is, until I arrived at this campsite… I think this would be the perfect location!

Lottie: Now, I’m sure you know this campsite better than anyone else…

Lottie: So, if you’re open to it, I’d like to offer you an assistant-planner position.

Lottie: How does that sound? Would you mind helping me out?

Lottie: Fantastic! I’m so glad to hear it!

Lottie: Now, we obviously need a theme for the decorations. I’m thinking garden gala is the way to go!

Lottie: I want to go all out with this decor. We’ll spare no expense!

Lottie: I’m envisioning some gorgeous green-and-white table settings to showcase delectable desserts.

Lottie: And wouldn’t some lovely ringwings top things off nicely? You know, living decor!

Every event in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp starts by having the player plant special kinds of seeds in their garden. The plants that grow from the seeds attract rare creatures that are specific to the event.

Lottie: I’ve got some seeds here that might help us catch more than a few of these creatures.

Lottie: If you plant these in your garden, ringwings will gather around them like they’re cake at a reception!

Lottie: Speaking of which, do you know how to catch ringwings?

Lottie: Of course you already know how! Okay, try planting some seeds in the garden!

Lottie: All right, I think it’s time to get out there and start catching ringwings!

This is what a green ringwing looks like.

This is what a pink ringwing looks like.

Collect enough ringwings – and you get a prize.

Prizes for collecting pink and green ringwings included:

fruity wedding slushies

fruity dessert plate

sweet dessert plate

savory dessert plate

Other prizes came from completing event quests:

The wedding bell ornament was something players needed in order to complete some event quests. It was not an item players could put in their campsites or wear.

tiny white top hat

lovely wedding balloon

The first part of the event required players to plant pale bloomtonnieres and yellow bloomtonnieres and collect ringwing creatures off of them.

ivy wedding table

The ivy wedding table and some of the wedding food were required parts of a Happy Homeroom event class.

silver-tray buffet table

pink-lemonade table

chapel choir stage

The chapel choir stage came from a fortune cookie. I think this item came from a Celia’s Chapel Cookie. To me, it looked like it belonged with the wedding expo items.

fresh-fruit wedding cake

ivy sweetheart table

All tasks complete! The screenshot above is from the little scene that players get to watch after completing all the tasks in the wedding expo event.

The game creates its own scene, and populates it with characters that may or may not actually be invited to your campsite. Players don’t have to place the wedding expo items into their campsite in order to unlock this scene.

I had Mabel from Able Sisters craft the wedding-party dress. It’s cute!

My character is wearing the wedding-party dress and the tiny white top hat.

Another task complete!

Lottie: The wedding expo went off without a hitch! Or should I say… went off WITH a hitch!

Lottie: Hah, pardon me. Just some wedding humor I’ve picked up from working this side job.

Lottie: Speaking of which, you’re a pretty great assistant planner! If you’re up for it, I have another checklist.

Lottie: The extra tasks are completely optional, but I promise there are more rewards for clearing them!

The hard tasks function the same way that the previous tasks did. The player must continue to capture pink ringwings and green ringwings in order to receive event-related prizes.

I had enough items to complete another Happy Homeroom Wedding Expo class. As always with these classes, some of the items are already in place, and the rest the player must fill in with specific items they have collected.

This is the face my character makes after successfully completing a Happy Homeroom class. I’ve no idea what that expression is supposed to mean.

Lottie: Fantastic work with everything! I’d love to stick around, but duty calls! Real estate won’t sell itself.

Lottie: Hey, wait a second… You still have some bloomtonnieres and ringwings on you.

Lottie: I’ll take them off your hands. Expect a reward to arrive in your mailbox soon!

Lottie: Well, it’s time to take my leave. Thanks again for all your help. Hope to see you soon!

That conversation signaled the end of Lottie’s Wedding Expo. There was another related event that involved picking up grand oysters.

Yay! I got a grand oyster!

Players who picked up the required amount of grand oysters, along with a certain amount of other seashells, got a Celia’s chapel cookie as a prize.

It is always a good sign when your character sings before eating a cookie.

lantern-lined aisle

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Lottie’s Wedding Expo is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.


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