A black unicorn, with a glowing horn and fire-like markings on its body, looks out at you.

This is Dream of Piers. I got this pet in August of 2016 (during Season 7 of Diablo III). It was also possible to get this pet in Season 19. Diablo III sometimes re-issues pets so that more players have a chance to get them.

The flavor text on Dream of Piers says: The Scribe known as Piers was haunted each night by this being.

Who is Piers? It is not a name that I’ve seen mentioned in the Diablo lore. According to Diablo Wiki, the name Piers is a reference to Piers Anthony, and his book Night Mare.

The Wikipedia page for the book Night Mare says it is a fantasy novel by American writer Piers Anthony. It is the sixth book in the Xanth series. In this book, Xanth is under threat of a barbarian invasion from Mundane. Its only hope is the talents of the Magicians of Xanth and an exiled night mare, sent to the world of waking with the dire message: “Beware the Horseman.”

The Wikipedia article also says that Night Mare centers around Mare Imbrium, one of the night mares charged with delivering bad dreams to the people of Xanth. It sounds like Mare Imbrium was in the previous book in the series.

It doesn’t say much about what Mare Imbrium looks like. That said, I think the art of the Dream of Piers pet does a pretty good job of turning a unicorn – a typically beautiful creature – into a nightmare.

A Demon Hunter wears a matching set of armor that covers her entire body. She holds up a crossbow. Next to her is a monstrosity of a unicorn named Dream of Piers.

My Demon Hunter is wearing the Unhallowed Essence set. Next to her is Dream of Piers. It is a large, creepy, pet. I love the little touches that make it look like it came from someone’s nightmare – The fire coming from inside the creature that shows on its ankles, nose, eyes, head, and horn – really add to its undead appearance.


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