A white unihorn, that appears to be undead, looks at you. The unihorn has blue, glowing light in its eyes, nostrils, horn, and ankles.

This is Unihorn. I got this pet from a Menagerist Treasure Goblin during Season 7 of Diablo III. The Unihorn looks as though it might be related to Dream of Piers.

The flavor text for Unihorn says: An innocent young girl named Claire discovered this creature. Reasoning that it has a horn and seems to love the unsullied, she decided it must be a unihorn.

On July 9, 2016, the @Diablo Twitter account posted a GIF of the unihorn standing in eating brown grass in a field. @Diablo tweeted: “I have big plans today. I’m going to chew grass and wait for my nephalem to get back.” – The Secret Life of Unihorn.

Diablo Wiki provided additional information on Unihorn: Originally, there were two variations of this pet (white-blue and fiery-black), but only one made it into patch 2.4.1. The black version later became Dream of Piers.

A Menagerist Goblin in blue is attempting to run away from my Demon Hunter (who stands in the middle of this screenshot. She is shooting arrows. Behind her is one of there turrets, which is also shooting at the Menagerist Goblin.

My Demon Hunter chased after a Menagerist Goblin (Napper of Pets) and shot at the creature.

A box says "UNIHORN" at the top. There is a tiny picture of a white Unihorn inside a square. This item is Account Bound.

Unihorn: It’s like a horse, but pointy.

The Menagerist Goblin dropped a Unihorn, which ended up in my Demon Hunter’s bag as thought it were an item (like a crossbow).

My Demon Hunter and her Follower, Kormac, brought Unihorn to Queen Asylla. The Unihorn was mostly interested in eating whatever grass had sprung up between the stones on the patio. Queen Asylla is a ghost who holds her beheaded head in her hand. She is floating in the air just past the patio and looking down at the ruins of a the original town of Tristram.

My Demon Hunter took the Unihorn to visit Queen Asylla The Unihorn decided to pick at some of the grass that was in between the stones on the floor. Queen Asylla appeared to be lost in thought, holding her head with her hand, and looking down upon the ruins of Tristram.

My Demon Hunter stands next to the Unihorn. It is a large pet that does not function as a mount.

The Unihorn is a large pet that does what the other Diablo III pets do – follows the player character around and picks up gold. The Unihorn (and Dream of Piers) both will periodically stop to nibble some grass or other greenery. Demon Hunter for scale.


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