In between the previous Diablo III blog I posted, and the next time I played, I got sick. Those of you who know me are probably thinking: “But, you’re always sick. So?” The difference this time was that it wasn’t only allergies (although, those were pretty bad at the time, too). It also wasn’t the flu bug that was going around. No, I had managed to catch a cold that included a high fever (complete with sweating and freezing at the same time).

I knew from experience that playing Diablo III while feverish is not a good idea. In general, I end up dead – a lot! But… I really wanted to play. I doubt I lasted much more than an hour (if that), and the night was mostly a blur. I took some screenshots, so I might as well put them into a blog.

Shoutout to: Naer, Ttosk, and Rewt who either talked to me or jumped into my game to play with me. Sorry I was so incoherent that night.

Ooh, look, an Achievement! This is when I learned that you actually can earn the Achievements that your party gets even if you are standing in the Keep when they get them. You don’t actually have to be in the battle, helping. Seems a bit bizarre.

Waiting for Reinforcements (Cooperative): Complete the Waiting for Reinforcements event in a cooperative game.

Evil Eye the Violent

No Man Left Behind: Keep all soldiers alive while raising the catapults on the Stonefort.

Ding! Level 44!

Felyron the Violent

Forged in Battle (Cooperative): Complete the Forged in Battle event in a cooperative game.

Mass chaos in battle! When there’s stuff all over the screen, it makes for an awesome looking screenshot.

There’s Ghom. (He didn’t last very long).

The Ravening Beast (Nightmare): Kill Ghom on Nightmare difficulty.

Crop Dusting: Kill Ghom without getting hit by his gas attack.

Not too long after that, things stopped making sense. I barely knew what I was doing anymore, and was picking up Achievements while in the Keep. At the time, this was confusing, due to running a high fever and being damned near delirious.

Two achievements appeared:

Tide of Battle: Complete the Tide of Battle event.

Tide of Battle (Cooperative): Complete the Tide of Battle event in a cooperative game.

Time to call it a night! Zeta was now level 44, I picked up a bunch of Achievements, and I got to play with some cool people who listen to Shattered Soulstone. This definitely took my mind off how miserable I felt due to being sick that night.

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