Flight Rising has a bunch of breeding achievements that players can earn.  Each one requires a player to get a pair of dragons to produce a baby that has a specific, “special”, gene.

This time, none of the babies ended up with the necessary gene.  Crystal Clear Achievement Fail!  All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

I’ve only got one dragon in my Lair who has the Tertiary Gembond gene.  In order to earn this achievement, I would need that dragon to produce a baby who ended up with the Tertiary Gembond gene.  This time, I paired up Laserbeak with India.

Laserbeak is a male Imperial.
Primary: Silver Tiger
Secondary: Rose Seraph
Tertiary: Thistle Gembond

India is a female Fae.
Primary: Obsidian Black
Secondary: Basic Black
Tertiary: Crimson Basic

They produced two babies!

They were very pretty, but neither one had the Gembond gene.  Crystal Clear Achievement Fail!

Graphite is a female Fae.
Primary: Silver Tiger
Secondary: Grey Tiger
Tertiary: Coal Tiger

Here is what Graphite looks like as an adult.

Greyscale is a male Fae.
Primary: Grey Tiger
Secondary: Black Basic
Tertiary: Ice Basic

Here is what Greyscale looks like as an adult.

It appears that the Gembond gene is a very difficult one to pass on to a baby dragon.  This will be my last attempt to earn the Gembond Achievement (for a while).  If it happens, it happens.  My suspicion is that in order for it to happen I am going to have to breed two dragons who both have the Gembond gene.

UPDATE:  I’ve started exalting the dragons that I decide not to keep.  It is a faster way to gain more space in the Dragon Lair than trying to sell them on the Auction House seems to be.  I have a tendency to be a “digital hoarder” and am trying to teach myself to let some in-game items go every once in a while.  There is no good reason to keep every dragon that is born in my Dragon Lair.

Graphite got exalted to the Shadowbinder.

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