The Hibernal Starbear was part of the 2014 Starfall Celebration in Flight Rising.  It is an annual event that takes place at the end of September.  This year, all of the Holiday Familiars are bears. (Last year the holiday Familiars were a series of Sprites).

The best time to pick up any holiday Familiar is when the Elemental Festival it is connected with is active.  Miss it, and you are going to have a much harder time trying to collect that one.  All of the artwork in this post is a copyright of Flight Rising.

The holidays in Flight Rising take place during the last week of a month.  What if that week is split between two months?  Things can get a little confusing.  The easiest way to find out if a holiday is currently going on is to visit the Festive Favors section.  If there isn’t one going on at that moment, you will see a picture of a closed up cart and some description that basically says it is closed.

If there is a holiday going on, you will see an open cart filled with special holiday specific wares. This is what it looks like for the Starfall Celebration:

Almost every holiday in Flight Rising is connected to one of the Flights.  The Starfall Celebration is connected to the Arcane Flight.  Pink seems to be their favorite color!

You cannot buy the items in the Festive Favors cart with Treasure (the in-game currency).  You also cannot use Gems (a currency that can be purchased with real world money and sometimes earned in the game).  Instead, you have to use the special holiday currency.   Each Elemental Holiday requires its own special currency, and you cannot use it for any other holiday.  The Starfall Celebration uses a currency called Magical Shard.

Magical Shard: – Holiday Item – A solidified chunk of pure magical energy, pulsating slowly.  This can be traded at the Festive Favors shop during the Starfall Celebration. – Sell Value: 0

The easiest way to get any holiday currency is to gather it. Go to the “Gather Items” section.  Use the drop down box that is underneath each type of item that you can gather and select “Arcane”. Then, gather as usual.  Make sure that you manually select “Arcane” each time you gather, or it will revert back to whatever Flight your Lair is in.  The Magical Shard currency will randomly drop. It may take more than one day’s worth of gathering points to obtain enough Magical Shards to get what you want from the Festive Favors cart.

I’ve been collecting the holiday Familiars.  This time, the Familiar is a Hibernal Starbear.  It is adorable, and sleepy!

Hibernal Starbear: – Familiar – Guardian of the Starfall Isles.  (Starfall Celebration 2014.) – Sell Value: 0

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