Flight Rising has been doing a series of Theme Weeks. Players participate by sharing their dragons that match up with the theme of the week. I haven’t done all of them, but I do try and add something to the Forum post when I have dragons that fit the theme.

The “Dragons and their Familiars” Theme Week was a repeat of the second Theme Week: Familiars . The idea (in both cases) was to share dragons that matched well with their Familiars. All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

Last time this type of Theme Week appeared, there was no limit on the number of dragons with matching Familiars that players could add to the Forum post. (All Theme Week participation takes place in the Dragon Share Forums). This time, we were restricted to … it might have been three at the most? Or, it may have been just one. I can’t recall.

I didn’t want to re-share dragons that I had already posted for this theme. So, I went with this pair instead.

Serifys is a female Imperial
Primary: Thistle Clown
Secondary: Red Seraph
Tertiary: Azure Basic

She ended up with a set of colors that I don’t find to be aesthetically pleasing.   As such, I shared her in a previous Theme Week called “Eyeburners”.  I never expected that I would find a Familiar that matched her, but somehow did.

Her Familiar is a Ruby Webwing.  It doesn’t have the same colors in the same places, but is surprisingly similar looking.

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