To be honest, I was not expecting another one of these type of ….quests (for lack of a better term) so soon. We just had one at Christmas time. Maybe this is going to be a regular thing?

One day, I logged into Garden of Time, and there it was. Playdom had given me a Frosty Garden to try and complete. From what I have heard, not all players were given one. I suppose this makes it extra special!

It works pretty much the same way as the 12 Days of Gifting thing did (where you try and build Christmas Town). Each day, there is one particular item that you need to collect. The only way to get the items is to have your friends send it to you as a gift.

I am playing Gardens of Time through the Playdom website, and not on Facebook. I bet the 8 Days of Gifting thing caused a whole lot of players to fill up their Facebook walls with a ton of “game spam”.

Once the day ends, you can no longer “gift”, or receive, that particular item. Instead, you have to try and collect an increasing number of the new items for the new day. Didn’t get enough? Your only option was to spend gold to get the missing items (which would require some players to spend real world money on the gold).

When Playdom did the Christmas Town one, there was a problem. Players needed to collect 11 items, and 12 items, on the last two days. However, the system only allowed players to collect 10 items (even if their friends had sent the proper amount). It looks like Playdom learned from that mistake, because we never had to collect more than 10 items for the Frosty Garden.

Here is what the “calendar” looked like for the Frosty Garden.

This is what players had to collect:

And yes, there were plenty of terrible jokes involved when players asked their friends to please send them some hoes (and to hurry up with them)!

Players also had to collect these items:

This is what the Frosty Garden looks like when you are all done!

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