A male Mage with glowing purple eyes looks out at you from inside a window frame. His name is Medivh.

Medivh is an alternate hero portrait for the Mage class in Hearthstone. Players can obtain the Medivh portrait by spending in-game currency.

A large portrait of Medivh. He is wearing a hood with winds and shoulders that are decorative with large black feathers on the ends. His eyes glow purple, as does the magic coming from the staff he wields. His armor looks metallic and parts of it are red. In the background there is an off-kilter landscape with green areas next to blocky cliffs, with trees with a flat top that grows outward.

Medivh: The Guardian of Tirisfal is a force for good. Demonic possession is a manageable condition.

The Medivh portrait comes with a unique cardback.

A card back has a black circle in the center, with a purple swirl on it. The circle is surrounded by metallic embellishments that include spikes, some of which hav red jewels in them. The embellishments are framed with black feathers. The decoration sits on a red section that is in an oval shape. Metallic looking lines cross over it to make diamond shapes. The outer edge of the card back has some delicate metallic designs and is trimmed with what looks like sturdy metal edges. The entire card sits on a gold scroll that has the title: Medivh Card Back

The way to “earn” this cardback is to purchase the Medivh portrait. You get both!

An aged page in a book shows a series of portraits, each looking out at the view through a window shape that has a point on the top and a flat bottom. The first two are in full color. The third one is in blue. Three more below them are fading into the page.

Jaina is the default for the Mage Deck. Players can swap her out if they want to use Medivh. You can always swap back if you change your mind.

A closer look at the Medivh cardback that was described earlier in this blog post.

A closer look at the Medivh cardback.

A box provides a description of Medivh: "He certainly has a thing for crows and ravens." It also says: Acquired from purchasing the Hero Medivh.

The description of the Medivh cardback is: He certainly has a thing for crows and ravens.

The box also says: Acquired from purchasing the Hero Medivh.

I like that Hearthstone makes it very clear that this cardback is one that can be purchased by the player (if the player has enough in-game currency to spend on it). You don’t have to finish a quest, or have a certain number of wins, in order to get this portrait and cardback.

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