On June 4, 2015, a little surprise was waiting for me on Twitter. I got a direct message from the verified Heroes of the Storm Twitter account. The message said that I had won “a Diablo + Kaijo Diablo skin bundle”. There was a code in the direct message that would unlock this gift. The code worked and I had the opportunity to find out what Diablo looks like with the Kaijo Diablo skin.

I am not entirely certain how I was selected to win this particular prize. I suspect it had something to do with participating in some of the online portions of the Heroes of the Storm Launch (but that is just a guess). What I am certain of is that I had a great time playing Diablo in Heroes of the Storm, and that the Kaijo Diablo skin kind of makes him look like Godzilla.

The last time I was able to play the Diablo Hero in the Heroes of the Storm game was during the Technical Alpha. He was on my list of Heroes that I want to buy someday. And when I say “buy”, I mean “save up enough gold to purchase”.  Right now, I don’t have any money to spare on video games.

The first thing I did was log into Battle.Net and enter the code that the verified Heroes of the Storm account sent me. It worked!

It just so happened that Diablo was being offered as “free-to-play” that day.  I decided to go in the the Heroes of the Storm Store to see how much it would cost to buy Diablo.  This was when I discovered that I already owned him.  The code gave me not only the Kaijo Diablo skin but also the Diablo Hero.  This made my day!

If you look closely at the bottom of that screenshot, you will see a checkmark.  The text next to it says: “You own this hero”.  I’m not sure how I got lucky enough to have this lovely gift given to me by the verified Twitter account for Heroes of the Storm, but I’m so happy about it!  I get to keep him!

Here is the description for Diablo, Lord of Terror: Known in the ancient tongue as Al’Diabolos, the Prime Evil of Terror, the Demon Lord Diablo seeks to claim the world of Sanctuary for the Burning Hells. His victims are innumerable, his schemes unknowable, and his gender… malleable.

(Diablo III players – go read that a second time, but imagine it in Deckard Cain’s voice.  Fun!)

This is what Diablo looks like (with his “standard” skin).  My intent was to just pop into HOTS for a few minutes and see what the new Kaijo Diablo skin looked like.  But, that didn’t go as planned. The Nexus was calling me, and I ended up playing about three or four games before finally logging out.

I suppose the excuse I gave myself was that I hadn’t played the Diablo Hero in a while… I really should try him out again just in case things changed since the Technical Alpha.  He turned out to be every bit as fun as I’d remembered.

The first battle ended in Victory, which is always a good thing.  I’m working my way through Player Level 12, and Diablo hit Level 2.

One game was enough to confirm that yes, this character is still fun.  But… then I noticed that I had a Daily Quest that involved playing a Diablo Hero.

I was already halfway done with the Daily Quest… it makes sense to go ahead and play that second game and complete it… right?

Back in the Technical Alpha, Diablo’s default mount was the same horse that all the other Heroes were using.  Now that the game has launched, he is riding some kind of big lizard instead.  That works much better!  Diablo looked really silly sitting on a little horse!

I always play against an A.I. team, and with a team full of A.I. players.  My teammate, Zagara, was using the new Hearthstone card mount.  It’s like a flying carpet! So far, I haven’t figured out exactly what I need to do to earn that mount, and have no idea when it will be released.

There goes Diablo, hanging out with his siege giant buddies.  They don’t seem quite so “giant” next to him.

After the second game – and second Victory – I was halfway through Player Level 12.  Diablo had hit player Level 3, and was more than halfway through it.  I earned 210 gold from this effort.  200 was from completing the Daily Quest “Play 2 games as a Diablo Hero” and the extra 10 was from the Victory.

Next, it was time for me to learn how to find the Kajo Diablo skin I’d received as a prize.  It didn’t take too long for me to figure out.

To find the skins that you own for a particular Hero, all you have to do is click on the button marked “Skins”.  It is located on the lower left hand side of the screen.  You can access it while your Hero is on the screen that lets you select what kind of game you want to play.  As you can see, I’ve got the “default” Diablo skin and the Kaijo Diablo skin.  It appears I need to level up Diablo some more before I can unlock the other two skin options.

BEHOLD!  Kaijo Diablo!  To me, he looks quite a bit like Godzilla.

There’s Kaijo Diablo, riding the giant lizard mount.

Off to cause as much destruction as possible!

He managed to find his siege giant buddies once again.

By the time I had run through all of my free time, Diablo was at Level 4.

If your favorite way to play Heroes of the Storm is to pick a big, strong, Hero and then go smash stuff, I highly recommend Diablo.  He’s got some super-destructive talents to use, some of which hit multiple targets at the same time.  He’s also got some snarky comments that he responds to the A.I. players with.  I’m quite certain that Diablo / Kaijo Diablo will become my “go-to” Hero.  So much fun!

Of course, I still want to play the other Heroes that I own (and one that I don’t own yet but have tried out).  This experience has shown me that I have somehow become more “addicted” to Heroes of the Storm than I’d realized.

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