At around 2:30 in the morning, I decided to see if I could finish Act IV (Normal difficulty) in Diablo III with my Barbarian, Zeta. At around 4:30 in the morning, I began to realize that there was much more to Act IV than I’d anticipated. The battle now was to see how far I could get before falling asleep on my keyboard.

Tyrael returns “to fight by your side”. Yay! I think Tyrael is cool.

Tyrael: Yes, my friend.  I am ready to again fight by your side.  I was wrong to give in to despair.  You have shown me there is still a chance for victory.

Tyrael says “We must hurry.” Are we close to fighting Diablo? Awesome!

Tyrael: But we must hurry.  Even now Diablo makes his way to the Silver Spire.

Checkpoint! It’s nearly 5:00 in the morning. Should I stop here? Nah!

Screenshot from the cut scene – Imperius is back, and displeased.

This is the point where The Sin War Trilogy, by Richard Knaak, gets woven into the story in the Diablo III game. It starts with Itherael mentioning Uldyssian. Very cool!

Itherael: Only once in the history of Sanctuary has a nephalem been as powerful as you.  His name was Uldyssian.

Off to the Silver Spire (hopefully to fight Diablo)

Another scene with awesome drawings.

We did run into Diablo/Leah, (but didn’t get to fight).

The Ghost of Mira Eamon (the Blacksmith, Haedrig’s wife), laments that you killed her back in Act I. It was either help poor Haedrig kill his wife (who was turning into a Wretched Mother), or leave him to do that all by himself.

Mira Eamon: How could you convince my husband to kill me?  I could have been saved, but you made him cut me down!

Wait, that isn’t the Ghost of Mira. It’s an Aspect of Lies!

Pann Brimstone

Checkpoint! The Great Span – its after 5:00 in the morning, should I stop here? Nah!

Diablo: Look, Tyrael… your old lieutenant.


Silver Spire Level 2 – Is there where I finally get to fight Diablo?

Captain Rumford: You think yourself a hero, but your actions are driven by petty greed, contempt, and bloodlust.  You couldn’t even save me.

Wait, that’s not the Ghost of Captain Rumsford. It’s an Aspect of Sin!

Beastmaster of the High Heavens: Read the following Beastiary Lore in the High Heavens:

Armored Destroyer, Bile Crawler, The Oppressors, Subjugator, Rakanoth the Lord of Despair, Shadow Vermin, Terror Demon, The Mallet Lords, Morlu, Enslaved Nightmare

Grand Beastmaster of Sanctuary: Complete the Beastiary Achievements below:

Beastmaster of Tristram, Beastmaster of Caldeum, Beastmaster of Arreat, Beastmaster of the High Heavens

Zeta is now level 32!

Historian of the High Heavens: Read the following World Lore Books in Act IV:

The Creation of Sanctuary Part 1, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 2, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 3, The Creation of Sanctuary Part 4

Bask In My Glory: Use a skill that grants a beneficial effect to your follower.

Sin Deathflame

Checkpoint! Pinnacle of Heaven

It’s nearly 6:00 in the morning now. I was really hoping to fight Diablo and finish the game on Normal Difficulty this time, but I too tired to continue. I’ve gotta be close to the end of the game now, right?

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