My Barbarian, Zeta, is finally in the very beginning part of Act IV (Normal Difficulty). I was so very excited when I got here that I was seriously considering just playing straight through to the end of the game.

Two things made me decide against that. One, it was five in the morning, and I hadn’t gone to bed yet. Two, I knew I would be recording an episode of Shattered Soulstone later that day, and I didn’t want to sound incoherent and delirious from lack of sleep.

Drawing of the Gate that got destroyed in the cinematic

Imperious comes to blame it all on Tyrael and the Nephalem.

Tyrael: The Prime Evil… I can’t believe all this has come to pass.  Adria played us all for fools.

Tyrael: Diablo’s influence has twisted her inside and out.  I suspect we have not seen the last of her.

A little foreshadowing: I suspect we have not seen the last of her.

Here comes Iskatu. It was so early in the morning by then that I have completely forgotten what, exactly, he was there for, who he was, or how he fits into the story.

But, that didn’t stop me from killing him.

I got two more achievements!

Attacking the Darkness: Kill 20 Shadow Vermin, Gloom Wraiths, or Shade Stalkers at once.

Massive Blow: Kill 30 enemies in one attack.

I hit a Checkpoint not long after that, and decided to go get some sleep.

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