Determined to get as close to the end of Level IV (Normal difficulty), in Diablo III, I continued on, (despite it being super early in the morning). My Barbarian, Zeta, is still somewhere in Act IV, but is now level 31.

At this point, I got a little lost. I ended up in the Blessed Chancel.

Ran across some interesting monsters

Gilgamesh The Maligned

Bane Raythe

Despair Drekroot

Morlu! I finally got to fight some Morlu! I’ve been wanting to fight them since I first read The Sin War Trilogy by Richard Knaak!


Gardening: Destroy all the corruption in The Gardens of Hope without leaving the game.

Return to the Light: Release 25 Impaled Angels.


Back to Gardens of Hope – Second Tier

Diablo: The Hell rifts are closed, but it is of no matter.  Soon there will be nothing left of the High Heavens…

Slice of Life: Use 50 Health Wells.

It was now around 4:30 in the morning, and I was hoping to find a checkpoint soon.

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