I did it! I finally did it! My Barbarian, Zeta, has officially killed Diablo (Normal difficulty). This makes me incredibly happy. There is sense of accomplishment that I feel after “finishing the game”. As always, I took screenshots of my journey.

When I stopped last time, Zeta was level 32, and at the Checkpoint for the Pinnacle of Heaven. It was about 6:00 in the morning, and I was just too tired to continue. Instead, I returned at a more normal time (well, “normal” for me), the next day.

Instantly, armies of demons came to attack my Barbarian, and her follower, the Enchantress. I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to fight through them, or go through the entry for the Pinnacle of Heaven. So, I decided to fight, until I literally got pushed into the Pinnacle of Heaven from some demon I was trying to kill.

Lucky for me, that turned out to be exactly where I was supposed to go. The screen went black, which had me worried that perhaps the game froze. Then, an achievement popped up, and I knew everything was ok.

The Crown of Heaven: Explore the following areas in the Silver Spire:

The Crystal Colonnade, Gateway to the Silver Spire, The Silver Spire Level 1, The Silver Spire Level 2, The Great Span, The Pinnacle of Heaven

Imperius returns to yell at you again.

Boom! Angels down!

Tyrael notes that this has something to do with Diablo, and opens the gate for you.

Tyrael: The gate has been opened, nephalem.  The last trial is yours alone.

He really meant it. Right before you face Diablo, your follower (in my case, the Enchantress), suddenly becomes trapped. She says, “You must keep going!”

From this point on, you are on your own. The quest you are on is literally called “Find Diablo”. This amuses me. I’ve been trying to “Find Diablo” for quite some time now! What else am I gonna do?

Diablo wasn’t difficult to locate. Finally! I’m gonna get to fight Diablo! Also, it was really cool to see Diablo in game for the first time (instead of only on the poster of Diablo that hangs on my wall). This experience has made that poster so much more awesome for me.

The next quest is called “Kill Diablo”. Here I go!


Just when I thought I was getting somewhere, Diablo stops the battle, and sends me to the Realm of Terror.

The Realm of Terror is dark, and dreary.

Shadow Diablo comes to tell you discouraging things like: “You will never wake from this nightmare,” and “You cannot defeat your own terror.”

And…fight! In this screenshot, I’ve managed to kill off my Shadow Clone.

Now, do the quest called: “Kill the Shadow of Diablo”.

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere, Diablo puts me back at where we started, at The Crystal Arch.

And…fight! The new quest is called: Destroy Diablo.

Almost there!

The Prime Evil: Kill Diablo on Normal difficulty.

I have reached the end of the game. (Well, on Normal difficulty, and with Zeta).

Auriel: The day is won. Diablo is vanquished, and all of evil with him.

Zeta: Do not be so sure. True evil never really dies.

Tyrael sums it up with: “Time will tell”. Hmm… will it “tell” in an expansion?

To the Victor Go the Spoils: Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Normal difficulty.

I also got Victory and Sacrifice: Complete all Quests in Act IV.  Didn’t manage to get a screenshot of it, though.

I finally beat Diablo!

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