The first thing I did after beating Diablo on Normal Difficulty was work on some alts. Previously, I rolled a little Demon Hunter, named Zoeie.  She is named after my main in WoW, who is named after my main in Meridian59, who was named after the last D&D character I ever played.

I gave her some lovely crossbows and armor that she will need to grow into.

As I was working on leveling her, I got Taking Notes: Read the following Quest lore books in Act I:

Report from Wortham, Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor, Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor, A Page From Lazarus’s Grimoire, Orders from Maghda, Villager’s Journal, and A Summoner’s Journal.

Zoeie: “This is where the star fell. My quarry must be near.”

Zoeie found a Black Mushroom. I hadn’t seen one of these since the beta.

Here’s a few screenshots from the part of the game where you save Deckard Cain.

Run, Deckard, run!

The Skeleton King (briefly) appears.

Oh, no! Cain is getting attacked by Skeletons! Time to go save him!

Headcleaver – Royal Executioner

After you save Cain, he leads you out of the Cathedral. When he gets to the Checkpoint, he says “Follow me, to Tristram.” The first time I got to this point in the game was during the beta. If this were a movie, instead of a video game, I expect the audience would be cheering.

The cut scene has a nice drawing of Cain.

It also has a cool drawing of The Skeleton King.

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