I wrote this poem on May 23, 2017, on a Tumblr account that no longer exists. I wrote it after hearing about yet another massacre that happened because a man who was angry obtained a gun and decided to slaughter people.

Every time this happens, Congress offers “thoughts and prayers”, and does nothing.

I read “In Times of Tragedy” on episode 22 of my Words of Jen podcast.

Mourn the dead

Offer sympathy for the injured and the traumatized

Express your sadness in words, art or music

Cry for those who are forever lost

Donate blood if you are healthy and able

Attend a vigil or memorial with prayers, candles, and offerings

These are healthy, human, ways to respond in times of tragedy

Do not offer sympathy for the individual for group who caused the tragedy

Do not read news articles intended to soften and humanize them

Do not give page clicks to the vultures who want to monetize your sadness

Those who cause harm by violent, terroristic, acts have ceased to be human

Monsters deserve to have their names forgotten by history

In Times of Tragedy is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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