“It All Makes Sense Now” is a Feat of Strength Achievement that players could earn during the pre-launch events for the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.  Players had to gather specific pamphlets from the Doomsayers that were scattered through either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

The individual pamphlets were distributed randomly, and there was a fifteen minute cooldown between when a player could get one pamphlet and when the Doomsayers would give him or her another one.  The best way to earn this Achievement was to just keep trying.

One good thing about the “It All Makes Sense Now” Achievement is that it any character could do it, no matter what level they happened to be. In other words, it could be done with a low-level alt and did not require players to be at max level before they could do it.  New players, whose character was big enough to get to the main city, could go ahead and start gathering pamphlets.

It All Makes Sense Now: Collect all 12 pamphlets from doomsayers during the Legion pre-launch events.

The pamphlets players needed to collect were:
* Tattered Pamphlet
* Damp Pamphlet
* Odorous Pamphlet
* Scribbled Pamphlet
* Ominous Pamphlet
* Blackened Pamphlet
* Worn Pamphlet
* Crumbled Pamphlet
* Prophetic Pamphlet
* Stained Pamphlet
* Demonic Pamphlet
* Scrawled Pamphlet

When I was working on the “It All Makes Sense Now” Achievement with my Death Knight, all of the Doomsayers in Stormwind were Human, and identical.  Since then, Blizzard added Gnome Doomsayers, Night Elf Doomsayers, and Dwarven Doomsayers.

My Tauren was in the form of a Murloc.  If I remember correctly, a random player turned her into one.  I haven’t played my Tauren much since then, so the altered form remains.  The point of the screenshots above, though was that the Horde had Forsaken Doomsayers and Tauren Doomsayers, and Troll Doomsayers.  (I assume there were Orc Doomsayers, too, but I didn’t happen to find any.)

The way to get a pamphlet was to talk to one of the Doomsayers.  They say: The end is coming!  Would you like a pamphlet?  Players needed to click on the text that said: “I’ll take a pamphlet.”  Doing so automatically gave the player a random pamphlet.

To be honest, my initial reaction was to think: “Nope!  That’s ok, Doomsayer.  I don’t need to know any more about that.”  (Which is how I would have reacted if I were to walk past a “Doomsayer” outside of World of Warcraft.)  It took me a second to realize that these pamphlets must have been important.

I ended up completing the Achievement with Riglee, my Gnome Death Knight.  I haven’t tried to earn it on any of my other characters (but might give it a try if time permits).

Talk to a Doomsayer, any Doomsayer,  before the fifteen minute cooldown was over, and the Doomsayer said: You have the aura of one who is questioning.  Switch to a different character… and the Doomsayer still won’t give you a pamphlet until the cooldown ends.

I’ve seen a few players trying to get around this by getting themselves killed.  They would talk to a Doomsayer and get a pamphlet.  After receiving one, they got on a flying mount and flew into the air.  Then, they dismissed the mount while they were in the air, fell to the ground, and died.  It appears that when players did the corpse run back to the Doomsayer, they were able to get another pamphlet.

I guess that might have been a faster way to work through the Achievement.  But, to me, it didn’t look like a fun way to do it.  Instead, I killed time by doing the daily fishing quest, and the daily cooking quest.  Riglee spent a lot of time commuting between Stormwind and Westfall (where she was working on low-level quests she hadn’t done yet).

The Doomsayers had things to say.

Doomsayer: A searing emerald fire will burn away our corruption!

Doomsayer: The end is coming! Again!

Doomsayer: Forces beyond our comprehension have seen us unworthy!

Doomsayer: There is no escape from the inevitable!

Doomsayer: Our time ends, the cleansing is nigh!

Doomsayer: The Light has forsaken us!

Doomsayer: The world will be shaped anew!

This is what the pamphlets said.

Tattered Pamphlet: FOR SALE: EZ-123 BUNKER BUILDER

The end is approaching, but you and your loved ones can survive with your very own B.B.! The Bunker Builder is the latest in gnomish engineering. Simple to operate, small enough for a mountain ram to carry, the B.B. can deploy in almost any terrain (see disclaimers). With the press of a button, the device will tunnel deep underground and hollow out a cosy cavern where you can live in peace. Each purchase comes with two air fresheners, a rope ladder (see disclaimers), and an operator’s manual.

Disclaimers: Not for use in sand, water, or Dalaran. Deploy rope ladder BEFORE entering the B.B. tunnel.


<The scroll contains a list of instructions on how to prepare for the Burning Legion’s invasion, but the items have been crossed out and are illegible.  The phrases “burn everything” and “nothing can save you” have been scrawled in blood over and over again across the parchment.>


Green fire rains from the heavens.  A tide of demons washes over civilization.

Sounds bad, right?  Not if you’re seeing it all go down from Trade Prince Gallywix’s Zeppelin to Oblivion!

Act now and buy a ticket (see disclaimer) for a place on the trade prince’s uberzeppelin.  This floating pleasure palace will tour every major city as the Burning Legion dances the fel tango over the world.  Grab a drink, enjoy a live performance by the Bilgewater Quartet, and ride out the apocalypse in style!

Disclaimer: Access to the uberzeppelin’s rum slides and pudding jacuzzis sold separately.


Say the inevitable happens. You’re minding your own business when a pack of demons comes knocking at your door. What do you do? The Darkmoon Theatre Troupe has your answer!

Our award-winning face-gineers have created a series of full-body demon costumes that even Kil’jaeden the Deceiver would applaud. Current disguises include pit lord (requires two people to wear), doom guard, mo’arg, and felhound (not recommended if you have back problems).

When the demons see you in one of these suits, they’ll never know the difference. That’s a guarantee.

Ominous Pamphlet: DEFY THE LEGION

No one can save us from the demons, but we can deny them the glory of their victory.

Burn your worldly possessions.  Set the streets alight and give in to the temptations of chaos.  Do not stop the rampage until only dust and bones remain for the Legion to conquer.

Blackened Pamphlet:  A GREAT DAY COMES

Our lives are fleeting.  Our accomplishments are dust.  Our existence is pain.

Sargeras seeks to free us from this torment.  This is your only chance to take your place at his side and have a true, lasting impact on the cosmos.  An eternity of servitude is better than a flash of freedom.  If you are worthy, the Burning Legion will accept you, and set you loose upon all existence.

And if you are not worthy, your passing will be quick.


Fear not the time when great Sargeras’s shadow eclipses the sun.

That is the moment of our ascension.

Death will follow, but it is only a doorway.

Step through, and you will shed your frail skin and take on a form kissed by emerald fire.

Dig the ash from your eyes, and you will find a higher purpose at Sargeras’s side.

Crumpled Pamphlet: EMBRACE THE LEGION

The demons are not the enemy we have been led to believe.  They seek only to purge the corruption that rots at the heart of the Horde and the Alliance.  Our leaders want us to think otherwise.  They want us to fight the demons so that they can keep their precious thrones and lofty titles.

Do not die for them.  When the demons come, lay down your arms, and they will show you compassion.


These are the three signs of our doom, as foretold by the sages.  When all of these events have come to pass, we will know the Burning Legion has won and our oblivion is at hand.

The king below will cast away his diamond crown.

Day will break over the city of eternal night.

The wolf cub will inherit a bloody pack.

Stained Pamphlet: THE END OF ALL THINGS

The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky.

Forked tongues flicker through the black pits in dead stars.

The veil between dream and dreamer slides away like skin from bone.

And even the darkness howls for the light it once despised.

<The rest of the note is illegible, covered in strange glyphs and scribbles.>

Demonic Pamphlet: FIRE OMENS

The flames foretell our destiny.

Listen to the fire crackling in the hearth, and you will hear the demons marching on our cities.  A hundred thousand blades sliding from their scabbards.  A hundred thousand war cries screaming in unison.

Stare into the candlelight, and you will see demons in their moment of triumph.  An army without number, its soldiers twisted and grotesque.  A Legion wreathed in a cloak of green fire.


Azeroth will burn.  None of you can stand against the Legion.  Not you, not your family, not your greatest champions.

So save what you can, while you can.

Join the Legion.  Now.  Not later.  The day will come when all mortal fools finally accept the inevitable, and there will be a great tide of people pleading for the Legion’s mercy.  But right now, many still cling to a worthless hope.  Now is your chance to claim a place in the demons’ numbers before it is too late.  Bring your friends.  Bring your children.  (Feel free to abandon those who annoy you.)

Time is running out.

This announcement popped up on my screen the instant I collected the last pamphlet I needed for the “It All Makes Sense Now” Achievement.  It was not possible to collect the pamphlets in the order listed on the Achievement, so the last one I got before this announcement appeared was the Demonic Pamphlet.

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