Today is Day 15 of the 2017 Fall pollen season.  Things started off okay, and went downhill rather quickly in the afternoon. I blame the heat and humidity as well as the pollen count (which was 9.3 today).

There was a point during the day when I thought I was about to pass out from the heat. Humidity causes my joints to swell up, and I’ve been in pain all day long. My eyes are not itching today, so I guess that makes today less awful than yesterday was.

The most productive thing I did today was to briefly go outside and get the mail. There wasn’t a lot of mail to retrieve, and what was there brought up mixed emotions. The pollen in the air brought up allergy symptoms.

Continental Motor Works is an amazingly good garage, and is staffed by kind, honorable, people. They sent us a flyer that included a discount coupon and a newsletter. My car is gone. We donated it to Habitat for Humanity.

There’s no point in me trying to get a new car because my rheumatoid arthritis has messed up my joints and I cannot be a safe driver anymore.  The flyer reminded me that my health has gotten worse than it used to be.

The heat and humidity of the day caused me to feel as though I was going to pass out. I spent a long time in the bedroom, with the AC on, trying to hide from the heat. I was getting concerned because I was still overheated and the joints in my ankles and feet were so swollen. My husband walked in and immediately realized I had turned on the fan – but not the air conditioning.

Today was all about lack of mobility. I was reminded that I cannot drive anymore. Hours were spent sitting on the bed waiting for my swollen, painful, joints to stop hurting. Going outside was not an option because of the pollen count. Not a good day.

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