When I was putting together the Playing in Hell on Easter Sunday blog, I had the feeling that I’d taken more screenshots than what I had found. That suspicion has been confirmed. Sometimes, screenshots can get a bit scrambled up if you don’t clear everything out of that folder.

This means that there were some noteworthy things that I’d left out of the blog about my Barbarian, Zeta, playing in Hell difficulty on Easter Sunday. These screenshots are going to be out of chronological order, since they should have been shuffled into the previous blog. Seems I’m going to have to be a more active about clearing away old Diablo III screenshots from now own. Anyway, here’s what was missing. Just think of this blog post as a “bonus scene”.

Zeta and Kormac killed the Wretched Queen

Ding! Level 51! I knew there was a screenshot of Zeta hitting level 51, but I could not find it when I did the previous blog. So, here it is. (She has since hit level 52.)

Historian of Tristram: Read the following World lore books in Act I:

The Hanging Tree, Gravedigger’s Log, Tristram Fields, Khazra Heads Wanted, Researching the Khazra, The Khazra Massacre, The Highlands, Torn Letter, Torn Letter’s Response, New Tristram, Traveler’s Journal, Warriv’s Journal, Tomb Robber’s Journal, The Last Stand of the Ancients, The Drowned Temple, Warrior’s Rest, and Old Tristram Journal.

Believing that I would find all kinds of goodies in Hell Mode, I decided it was time to clean out my stash. I’d been saving stuff that my Barbarian couldn’t use because it was designed for Demon Hunters, Monks, Wizards, or Witch Doctors. Time to pull all that stuff out of the stash and put it into the bags of my little alts! This resulted in a much more organized stash and some empty spaces (that have since been filled with more stuff).

Here’s the first tab.

The gems are all in a row, and easy to find. I’ve got Leoric’s Shinbone, the Black Mushroom, and Wirt’s Bell. Rakanishu’s Blade waits for me to find Bashiok the Fallen Shaman, someday. I’ve got some crafting components, and a Tome of … Blacksmithing, I think. I’ve got a page from the Black Rock Ledger. I also have some follower stuff, some jewelry, a row of boots and gloves, and a row of helmets.

Here’s the second tab.

The top row is stuff that is “Barbarian-Only” items (including the belt that is in the second row. I’ve also got a couple of shields, some shoulders, pants, belts and chest pieces that can be used by any class.

Here’s the third tab.

The top 2 rows are “Demon Hunter-Only” stuff (with the exception of a staff that is “Wizard-Only” and has since been handed to my Wizard). Below that are one-handed and two-handed weapons that can be used by any class. I can’t believe how fast I managed to fill up my entire stash, again! It no longer looks this neat and organized, and I’ve run out of room to put stuff, again.

Carrion Bats

Who is this guy? In the middle, stands Zeta, with her giant weapon. Nearby stands Kormac. Who is the other guy? He didn’t turn into a zombie (like some of the guys you find in there do). He didn’t have anything to say, even when I clicked on him. After Zeta and Kormac killed the mob of monsters, he just stood there. Creepy! Anybody have any idea who this guy is?

Ok, that’s the last of the screenshots. You are now all caught up with Zeta and her adventure through Hell difficulty in Diablo III.

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