It’s been a long time since I played my little Wizard in Diablo III. Recently, I went through my stash in an effort to clear it out, and moved a bunch of “Wizard Only” stuff from the stash to my Wizard, Orlando’s, bag. I did the same with stuff for my little Monk, my little Demon Hunter, and my little Witch Doctor. Of course, the result was that I promptly filled up the stash with other stuff.

But, other than running Orlando to the stash to pick up stuff he could one day use (when he grows into it), he’s been pretty much ignored. Such is the “life” of an alt.

Today, I am sick, and fighting a flu that is threatening to turn into bronchitis. My Barbarian, Zeta, is in Hell difficulty, and I figured that playing in Hell while sick would only result in death (over and over again). So, today seemed like a good day to see if I could get my Wizard, Orlando, to level 10. He started out at level 8, so this seemed possible (despite my being so sick today). Here are some highlights from the Little Wizard’s adventure.

Orlando ran into a pack of blue skeletons. He had not yet reached the point in the game where he picks up the Templar, so he was on his own. I forgot that there were some blue packs in Act I of Normal.

Not long after that, Orlando ran into a pack of Carrion Bats. Why are they so many blue packs in this dungeon? It’s Normal difficulty! It was then that I realized that I put Orlando on Monster Power 1 the last time I played him, and neglected to change it back. He was doing well, and not dying, so I decided to leave him at MP1.

Grule the Shamed

Later, after picking up “the warrior” (who is soon revealed to be the Templar), Orlando ran into Malice the Hellion.

Ding! Level 9!

This allowed him to be able to equip one of the many items that he is carrying in his bag (that he will grow into someday). Hand-me-downs (from higher level characters) are helpful in Diablo III!

Orlando and Kormac fought Jondar.

At this point, I could have had Orlando go to the next level of the dungeon, but I decided against it. This level was not completed when I found Jondar. Every little bit of XP helps the little Wizard get bigger. Off to fight more monsters, including this pack of Harvesters (who were lining up to die).

Sepsis Drekroot

A pack of Skeletal Archers

Ding! Orlando has hit level 10!

This allowed him to equip one more item that was in his bag, waiting for him to grow into it. Eventually, he will go through all the stuff that I’d saved for him.

Orlando, with the help of Kormac, fought the Skeleton King (and lived)! You can see the Skeleton King hovering in the air shortly before he bursts into pieces.

After picking up all the loot from the Skeleton King, Orlando’s bag was full. This necessitated a quick trip back to New Tristram to sell stuff. He took the portal back to the Skeleton King’s throne, went past it, and helped “the Stranger” find Deckard Cain, before deciding to stay awhile and rest in New Tristram.

Progress: Orlando, the Little Wizard, beat the Skeleton King, and has reached level 10. He was able to equip not one, but two, of the items that Zeta, the Barbarian, had been saving for him. Not bad!

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