Chairman Meow is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume. The only way to get a “Rare Cat” to visit your yard/home in Neko Atsume is to place an item that a specific cat likes. After that, all you can do is wait and keep filling up the food dishes. In general, you have to wait a while between when you place a desirable item and when the cat you were hoping to attract appears.

Chairman Meow likes two items. One is the Earthenware Pot, and the other is the Sunken Fireplace. The Earthenware Pot can only be used by one cat at a time. The Sunken Fireplace can hold up to three cats – plus Chairman Meow when he appears.

The Sunken Fireplace can be purchased in the Neko Atsume Shop for 70 Gold fish.

The description of the Sunken Fireplace says: A handcrafted traditional fireplace from bygone days before central heat.

Chairman Meow likes to sit way up on top of the Sunken Fireplace.  He is the only cat that does that.

Patsy and Callie


Tabitha, Apricot, and Callie

Tabitha and Smokey

Snowball, Callie and Tabitha

Callie, Gabriel and Dottie

Callie and Snowball

Breezy and Smokey

Spud and Speckles

Snowball and Dottie

Gabriel and Callie

Lexy and Speckles


Callie and Pumpkin

Speckles, Willie and Tabitha

Marshmallow, Tabitha and Breezy

Spud, Smokey and Gabriel

Callie and Patches

Patsy, Callie, and Lexy

Callie and Smokey

Misty and Callie

Callie and Tabitha

Breezy, Tabitha and Pumpkin

Cocoa and Smokey

Apricot and Tabitha

Apricot and Princess (who is doing a faceplant.)

Marshmallow, Willie, and Snowball


Mack, Smokey and Pumpkin

Shadow, Breezy, and Willie

The Earthenware Pot can be purchased in the Neko Atsume Shop for 20 Gold Fish.

The description of the Earthenware Pot says: The base of this pot is exactly the right size for a cat. Now wouldn’t that make a cute picture!

Chairman Meow likes to sit next to the Earthenware Pot. He does not sit inside it.

Gozer, Breezy, Shadow, Spots, Misty, Ginger

Pickles, Callie, Socks, Tabitha, Pumpkin, Lexy

Patches, Spud, Gabriel, Melange, Pepper

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