Neko Atsume is an adorable game where players attempt to entice cats to their yard/home. The Giant Cushion is large enough for two cats to use at the same time. The cats in Neko Atsume are able to share!

The Giant Cushion flavor text says: This cushion is large and sturdy enough for fiestas or siestas. It costs 25 gold fish in the Neko Atsume store.



Pumpkin and Smokey

Snowball and Patches

Pumpkin and Callie

Smokey and Tabitha

Pumpkin and Smokey

Pumpkin and Speckles

Snowball and Smokey

Snowball and Breezy

Melange and Speckles

Melange and Smokey

Speckles and Smokey

Spots and Speckles

Spots and Speckles again

Tabitha and Callie

Melange and Patches

Melange and Patches again

Tabitha and Callie

Patches and Macchiato

Callie and Speckles

 Speckles and Breezy

Patches and Macchiato

Quicksilver and Spots

Fred and Speckles

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