Ramses the Great is a light yellow cat. On his head is a "King Tut" hat. Ramses the Great looks out from inside the Tent (Pyramid).

Ramses the Great is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume. The way to attract these special cats is to place the items that they prefer into your yard/house. Ramses the Great will only use the item called “Tent (Pyramid)”.

Some of the other Neko Atsume cats will use the Pyramid, too. They either take a nap inside it, or just sit there looking comfortable.

The Tent (Pyramid) is empty. It has a rounded opening at the front, just big enough for one cat. The sides of the Tent (Pyramid) are tan, and are made to look as though they tent is made of bricks. It is the shape of a pyramid.

There are four different types of pyramids that you can purchase in the Shop. (Each can be bought with the grey fish currency). If you want to attract Ramses the Great to your yard/house, you need the item that is called  “Tent (Pyramid)”. The cat doesn’t use any of the other ones.

Some other Neko Atsume cats will also use the Pyramid.

Socks is a black cat with yellow eyes. The cat has white ears and white paws. Socks looks out from inside the Tent (Pyramid).


Socks is a black cat with white ears, paws, and tail. Socks is sleeping inside the Tent (Pyramid) in a "cat loaf" shape.

Socks again

Spooky is a dark grey cat with large orange spots. Spooky is sleeping in a "cat loaf" shape inside the Tent (Pyramid).


Peaches is a yellow cat with some large orange spots. Peaches is sleeping in a "cat loaf" shape inside the Tent (Pyramid).


Cocoa has light brown coloring on their back and the top of their head. The underside of the cat, and their paws, are white. Cocoa looks out from inside the Tent (Pyramid).


Ganache is a brown cat with black ears. Ganache is sleeping on their side with its front paws and face sticking out of the Tent (Pyramid).


Melange is a white cat with a grey spot on their mouth, ears, and paws. Melange has two grey stripes on their head. Melange looks out from inside the Tent (Pyramid).


Shadow is a light grey cat. Shadow is sleeping in the Tent (Pyramid) with their front paws and head sticking out.


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  1. I would place all your item that are for rare cats together so when all the rare cats come they will be together that’s what helped me when I place the item for the rare cat he came the same day I placed it.

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