Today was Day 10 of the 2017 Fall pollen season. I am in a lot of pain, but I was expecting that, and somewhat prepared to cope with it. Between the 10 days of too much pollen, and all the cleaning I’ve been doing, I had hit my limit. I was completely out of energy.

There were some good things that happened today. When I’m struggling, I try and find something positive to focus on.

One good thing that happened today was that Shawn returned home from the podcast conference he attended. I got to hear plenty of interesting stories about his experience. He had fun.

The other good thing was something I’ve been waiting on for about two months. My health insurance company finally sent me the health insurance cards that go with my new plan.

We’ve been paying the premium for two months without getting those cards, which meant I was paying for a service that I had no way to use. It is a relief to be able to start scheduling doctor’s appointments. If this Fall pollen season depletes me to the point where I get a sinus infection – I can afford to see a doctor for that now.

The pollen count today was 8.7, which is only slightly better than the 9 that was forecasted. I am exhausted.  My sinuses burn and my eyes itch despite taking all the necessary allergy medications. My joints hurt because I was cleaning things. Eventually, I gave up and took a long nap.

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