In this video, my Hardcore Barbarian started with 16 Paragon Points. If he was going to make progress, he needed more Paragon! The next thing to do was a set of Act III Bounties.

The reason I needed to do some more Bounties is because the game offered double Bounty Caches during Season 21. My hope was that the caches would include recipes for the Jeweler. I needed a few more of those in order to complete an Act IV objective in the Season Journey.

The first thing I did was… go the wrong direction. Eventually I figured out where I was supposed to be, and started actually working on Bounties. After completing them, my Hardcore Barbarian ended up at Paragon 22.

The double Bounty Caches did include two Jeweler recipes. Would those be enough to complete the objective?

#NaPodPoMo 2020

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