A Monk wears armor that is mostly white and grey. She has a small helmet circling her head. The shoulders she wears look like heads of demons. She carries a blade in one hand and a large hammer in the other. Next to her is an emerald colored dragon that is floating in the air. It is playing with a ball.

In this video, Faehime the Monk started out at Level 48. The goal this time was to hit Level 50. She started out in Hard difficulty, and then moved it up to Expert.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this video. Faehime the Monk went around Sanctuary, picking and choosing where she would go to fight as many monsters as possible.

Objective completed in this video:

  • Forged In Fire: Reach level 50. (Chapter I)

My Monk hit level 53 by the end of this video.

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