Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and finds hidden objects. The quests in the Gingerbread Antoine Collection are unlocked after the player completes the Five Greeting Cards Collection.

These screenshots were taken in December 2020.

Previously, Antoine failed to obtain five greeting cards with sincere greetings from friends. The holiday spirits, whom Antoine angered, threatened to turn him into a gingerbread man if he failed to complete all of their tasks.

Adrian Bloom: Here I am! I see Antoine’s away, huh? Then I’m in luck! The problem is, I dropped the box with my gift and greeting card on my way here. But I spent so much time making incense sticks for my friend!

I found the box and greeting card!

Adrian Bloom: Thank you! The cinnamon and ginger scent of this incense will attract all the townspeople to the Sweet House. And then everyone will see how talented my friend is. But where’s Antoine?

Amy: We failed to collect five cards with sincere wishes for him … So the holiday spirits have turned him into a gingerbread man. Here he is …

Adrian Bloom: This is all my fault! If only I’d known my friend was in danger … I’ve heard stories about cheerful but wayward holiday spirits before. They say they can make your wishes come true if you leave them a treat.

I found a treat!

Adrian Bloom: Hot chocolate and cinnamon cookies are the best treat for the holiday spirits. But I doubt they will give us Antoine back in exchange for such a small offering.

Nicholas: Has Antoine really turned into a gingerbread man? Oh, I can’t believe that holiday spirits truly exist. I’ve only read about them in children’s fairy tales.

You completed the quest and get two Celebration Symbol talismans and a unique picture of holiday creatures!

The way to earn those rewards is to placate a total of 100 holiday creatures. Players can find the items that placate the creatures by successfully finding all the hidden objects in the Sweet House location. Placating 100 holiday creatures unlocks a leader-board. Players will still need to placate more holiday creatures, and the leader-board shows who has placated the most of them.

This is what the unique picture of holiday creatures looks like.

Celebration Symbol – Increases your chances of receiving collection items and fixers by 100%, also increases the experience you earn for exploring locations and solving puzzles for 100% for 2 hours.

I hit Level 70 in Seekers Notes!

I found the book of fairy tales!

Nicholas: A fairy-tale hero was able to come to an agreement with the holiday spirits by finding their greatest treasure: a fun talisman. He learned about it from a guardian who wore a green dress in both winter and summer. Hmm, what a strange riddle.

Woodsman: Isn’t the guardian in a green dress a spruce tree? When the whole forest loses its foliage, only spruces stay thick and green, heh. But there are hundreds of spruces in Darkwood! Is it possible the city’s main Christmas tree is the one we need?

I found the heart of ice!

Woodsman: Look, there’s something sparkling among the Christmas tree branches. A heart of ice! There’s a note hidden inside it: “The sound of fun will show the way.” Should we laugh?

Violinist: The sound of fun isn’t just laughter, but festive music too. Fanfare trumpets, pipes … Eureka! During the holiday season, people often use colorful party horns that unroll when you blow into them.

I found the festive party horn!

Violinist: The sound of this instrument isn’t the most melodic, but when the party horn unrolled, a piece of paper fell out of it. “Fun is where it should be. It’s near but far at the same time.”

Adrian Bloom: I don’t even remember the last time I had a lot of fun. When did preparing for the holiday turn into work? Oh, we all need to remember how to enjoy life in order to save Antoine from the spirits’ spell.

The Seeker responds: “You’re right.”

Ben: I think the real fun should’ve been at the Sweet House. After all, it’s such a wonderful place! But fun is now far off, out of reach … What if this is the answer, and the talisman is somewhere in the house?

I have collected all of the main items in the Gingerbread Antoine collection. In order to complete it, I must obtain one more rocking horse from the holiday creatures. It is a tedious process that involves completing the Sweet House location and appeasing each creature – multiple times – in order to get the rocking horse item to drop.

I hit Level 71 while trying to obtain one more rocking horse.

Eventually, I obtained the rocking horse item that I was missing.

I completed the Gingerbread Antoine Collection.

You’ve assembled this collection: Gingerbread Antoine.

Ben: The fun talisman has been so close this whole time! Seeker, let’s bring the talisman to gingerbread Antoine and ask the spirits to lift the spell from him.

Amy: Oh no! The talisman made it even worse! Cracks have appeared on gingerbread Antoine’s frosting apron! What do we do now?

The Seeker suggests: “Let’s ask the Fortune Teller”.

You completed the stage challenge and get Warlord’s Armor as a reward!

I have assembled 5 event collections in the Gingerbread Adventure. There was one more to complete! The story isn’t over yet.

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