Today, the pollen count was 7.7. It is just a little bit higher than yesterday’s pollen count. Somehow, I have unintentionally managed to force myself to be productive and get paid writing work done even while I’m sick and experiencing “brain fog”.

Earlier today, the United States House of Representatives voted to repeal “Obamacare”, and replace it with “Trumpcare”. This is going to kill people like me who have pre-existing conditions because it allows health insurance companies to refuse to cover us, or to cover us with plans that include premiums that are too expensive for people to afford.

There was a time before “Obamacare” when people like me got pushed into High Risk Pools – that quickly became too expensive for most people to afford. There is absolutely no way I will be able to afford health insurance without “Obamacare” and the protections it provides and the subsidy that helps me pay my premiums.

The “Trumpcare” bill hasn’t passed the Senate yet, so I guess there’s a chance that the Senate will kill the bill before it kills millions of Americans. I refuse to get my hopes up about that, though. Why waste my limited energy?

Today, I learned that the United States government would rather see me dead than to allow me to continue to access the health care that “Obamacare” made affordable to me. The worst part is that it isn’t only me, there are thousands of people who now know, without a doubt, that their government hates them.

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